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No gears when hot

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Hello all.


Went surf casting from the beach (ocean) yesterday and my bike stopped running as expected.


Symptom: Bike stops changing gears. Only uses 1st and second. Gear selector control appears to stop working.

This fault only occurs on a hot day (29-30C) and after the bike has been running for a while. If I take the bike out on a cooler day or early morning/evening it doesn't fault. If I park the bike up for a few hours after it has faulted it runs fine, but will fault again when hot. When I say runs fine I have to initially pull both brakes on to start the bike in gear then drive forward a couple of feet and then the buttons seem to work. I can then select gears (D/N/R) as normal. I never tested ESP mode.

No fault codes appear.

When the bike stopped changing gears I checked the temp gauge and it only showed 2 bars.


Bike: 2018 Honda TRX500FA6J (Auto DCT, IRS)


Full service done less than 15 hours ago. Oil is full. Radiator is full (cap removed to check).


Recent work: All bearings replaced in control motor housing (fault code 24). Control motor was NOT replaced. Valve body assembly replaced (terminal broke off on a ride).


It does appear as if this is a heat related issue, but I have no clues as to what to look for.





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I would start with the shift motor. Take it apart, clean and inspect it. The internal magnets are known to break apart and start messing up more when they are hot.

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