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Mark from Northern Iowa

Firework Igniter

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That time of the year is coming again, so I thought I would post up my firework fuse igniter.


Every year on the Saturday after the 4th of July, we have Our Annual Independence Celebration.

This year, it is on the 8th of July, and yes, you are invited.

If you come, bring what you want to eat and drink, a side dish to share, and fireworks to add to the night time show.

Here was our display setup 2022.



Lots of fireworks throughout the day, gun range, trail riding, BBQ, and then the big show that night.

This handy tool makes lighting fuses so much easier, and no burnt fingers. haha


Firework Ignitor 1.jpg


Firework Ignitor 2.jpg


Firework Ignitor 3.jpg


Firework Ignitor 4.jpg


Firework Ignitor 5.jpg


Firework Ignitor 6.jpg


Firework Ignitor 7.jpg


Firework Ignitor 8.jpg


A few in use vids

Cannon test fail

Cannon test pass

Cannon tennis ball adaptor


Have a Safe 4th of July, and Have a good day


Edit to add

AND IF any of you all patent my idea, send some money to our firework fund. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 👍

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