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Danika 327

honda 300 gear reduction

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i have a 1994 honda 300 with a 2in lift and 28in mudzillas was wodering if i needed a gear reduction i am a bigger person at 230 pounds

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Yeah, it certainly wouldn't hurt. 


They're pricey though.  On a 2wd you might get by with an 18% on 28's.  A 54 or 62 is what most people use on a 300 with 29.5's.


The 18% is a 300EX clutch basket gear put on a 300 ulility wheeler's clutch basket (have to grind off rivets, thread holes in basket, and use low profile bolts with loctite to attach.


The other gear (primary gear) is a bit harder.  Have to cut a 300EX primary gear off, then cut the same part off of the 300 utility gear and perfectly weld the 300EX gear onto the 300 utility stub.  Really need a skilled machinist to get that part right, as it has to be perfectly true to mesh with the basket gear properly.


The larger reduction gear sources are closely guarded secrets. 

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