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Shout out for slammedranger

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I'm doing this because he's advised me on several things around my home... Plus he's our top expert on sport atvs ...i can't thank him enough... Some people deserve to be recognized ... This is for slammed, thank you very much for all the advise you've given free to me plus other members... He's never told me wrong as a matter of fact he's Purdy much been spot on... So this is for slammed... Top rated member IMO ... We are lucky to have such a good person as part of our group... This also is for all of those who give without asking anything in return but respect and friendship, my hats off to all of those who fall into that category, in no particular order, and as best i can, thanks to slammed, shade, jeep, fish, Bcs, retro, all of management , also goober, river, snow, wheeler, machinecrook, mister clean, freedomflyer, wondermonkey, derf, Harley Davidson, i can't think of everyone, so include yourself on this list plz! I said before, and I'll say it again, this place rocks!! Please no likes on this post, that's not what I'm doing this for... It just needed to be said. 

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