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Seeking out AKATV

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Seeking out AKATV. Hello I'm looking to have an mulit function display repaired on a 2002 Honda TRX350FE 350 4x4 ES. ( 1,161 miles, 361 hrs)  Display just stopped working yesterday, no physical damage on screen, not water damaged.  Hopefully AKATV is still repairing these.

LCD display.jpg

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I replied to you duplicate post with the following-

Welcome to the forum!

Looks like a power issue-

If it just stopped displaying out of the blue with no previous issues such as water,,damage etc..

then I would check your power and pins on the lower gray harness plug for the speedometer

You should have 12v on red/black and 12v on brown/black using green for ground

One is constant power for clock memory and one is switched for power so check for both with key on

Make sure to check both side of harness (harness side and speedometer side) and look at the pins to ,make sure they are not corroded/burned

If you have power there I would suggest opening speedometer case and making sure you have same power at the top of harness and at circuit card as well

If you do have it then we can look into what is going on with your meter

Let us know what you find



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