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any honda accord owners from PA here?

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Ok I know this is a low odds deal LOL

 But if there are any Honda accord owners from PA, I have a deal for you on some winter snow tires, mounted on wheels

 My mother gave her car away to a grand child, and they are in collage in a  warm southern state

 so have NO use for the snow tires


as such,  I now have them

 there Michelin X ice model, with about 3 ,000 miles on them IF that there like new, size is 205/65-R 15, and again mounted and balanced on Honda OEM Steel wheels, from a 2002 Honda accord, whuch I gather will fit several yr and  model  honda vehicles, but I Do NOT Know what, you;d have to look


 but if anyone is interested, let me know, I can meet a hour or so from me to help find them a home

so, if anyone is in PA< as I am only doing face to face deal here NOT looking to ship em!

let me know

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