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Light restoration on a 2007 Arctic Cat 650

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Hello everyone,


Just wanted to show you what I've been working on the last few days.

Still need to put on some parts that have been ordered but she lives and is feeling better!


Main harness where it comes from the motor was burned through as the shield was broken and wires were allowed to touch the exhaust.

(I didn't take pictures of the carnage) Failure, I know 😅


22 solder joints in total and a lot of heat shrink later and that issue was fixed.

The wire was given extra protection from heat and the shield was repaired.


Also the fuel system was removed and cleaned as it sat for a few years. Next the belt drive needed to be taken apart, cleaned and put back together.

Many surfaces on the bike were rusted so (with a mix of chemical and physical means) I removed as much rust as possible, cleaned and patch painted the areas.

The side covers were stripped and repainted along with a restoration treatment on all the plastics.

There were a few more issues here and there but overall not a bad "pull it out of the shed" sort of deal.

I'm just the worker but the PO is selling the bike which is what triggered the resto. He now rides a Honda.


Arctic Cats are just like Polaris in that everything is going to fail and they are giant money pits so I think its a smart move to get rid of.

The owner wants $3500 but will likely take lower. It's probably worth it. You do not want this bike. Friends don't let friends buy Arctic Cat.


Enjoy some before and after pics but I already know I should have taken more and better pictures 😂











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