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Upcycling project

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So I’ve been working on cleaning out the garage and getting rid of things we don’t use anymore. At the same time we’ve been doing a lot of work on the quads lately. While cleaning, I ended up with a couple of old scooters and an old plywood box that the boys used to throw toys and other stuff in. For the past few months we’ve been using a bucket to put the quads on to do work. I got to looking at the scooters and the old box and came up with either a brilliant plan, or a complete waste of time. Not sure which yet, but I’ve spent the last couple of days working on it and I seem to be making progress. 











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lol..well..it's kinda cool looking, but i dont have time to waste, so i just bought an atv/motorcycle lift..lol. some of the best money i've spent while doing atv repair/restorations.

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