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Adding brake lights to 300's and other early bikes

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Decided I wanted to add brake lights to my daughter's 300 at the same time I did the start-in-gear mod. 


I used an 05-11 Foreman brake M/C and lever which has two microswitches build in (420 and any newer Honda M/C assembly from 05-up should work).


One microswitch was used for the start-in-gear mod described here.



The other I ran a wire from ground to microswitch, and then ran the other side of the microswitch back to the bulbs and hooked them to the ground side. 


Then run a wire from the positive side of the bulbs to a keyed power on source (in the case of this 97 300, the pink wire in the battery area). 


With this wired up the brake lights work only when the key is on.


To mount them, I ordered two small LED bulbs (1194 equivalants) and sockets from superbrightled's.com.  I drilled holes on either side of the tail light bulb, and glued the sockets and bulbs into the tail light assembly.  This means the tail light still works and the stock tail light is still used, and the LED's only work as brake lights.


brake light 300.jpg

brake light 3002.jpg


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