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New project blade

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As those in chat know.  I intend to put my 450 to work.  Picked up a 40 dollar blade this morning.  Light enough to not beat up front end but heavy enough for snow and light loose dirt leveling.  Has mount beam that sits nicely under engine.  Just gotta figure out a mount.  

and remember how to use my welder.  

the latter is likely the challenge.  



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Haven’t been around much lately but did break out welder and mostly finish this project this weekend.  Converted an old lawnmower blade to work on my foreman. Put a Prefab belly mount under it and then fabbed up the blade to mount to it.  Needs paint and a new scraper for bottom but I think it’ll work for what I wanted it for.  

For the record.  I have never claimed to be a certified welder.  



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