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  1. It is a 450s Forman. 2004 Good ideas. I will try them. Yes, the oils are current. The valves were adjusted to specs within the last year. It is a foot shifter. The vibration is only in the low gears and higher rpm. If I start out slow no problem. So for the time being I have a work-around. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. What can cause my machine to vibrate on first and second gear acceleration? I was thinking a universal joint but now I am thinking a motor mount. Anyone have an idea?
  3. Thank you so much, that's a really big help, perfect.
  4. Can anyone tell me what the shift gear position sensor does on a Honda 450s Forman? Does it tell you what gear you are in. I only know when I am in neutral (green light) or reverse (red light). When I assemble the rear housing does it matter what way the shift gear sensor pin goes into the pocket of the motor housing. I know the sensor pin has been rotated so maybe the timing could be off. I hope I am making sense. Thanks
  5. FYI. This how the pros got the bearing race out. Welding and a puller Plus lots of heat. It came out very hard. Good to go now. Now on to pulling the flywheel and replacing the one-way bearing and needle bearing.
  6. Thanks for the tip on the reduction gear. The reduction Gear is on its way. Unfortunately, the 28140-HN0-A00 GEAR (43T/18T) (Honda) is out until July 22. 😞
  7. I had a heat gun on it, too hot to touch and would not budge. Thats the way the service manual said to do it too,
  8. Good to know. Thanks. My local dealer said they can pull it out while I wait tomorrow. If all goes well I am going to pull the flywheel and replace the one-way bearing and needle bearing while I have it apart. Also am replacing the starter gears as well. It has been pouring down rain here for days so may as well get things done the lots of riding planned. Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks, I will try the bread trick. I don't have much hope for that. There are some pullers out there that look like they may work. Probably have to get an expensive one for a shot at it. I may call my local shop to see they have a tool and pull it for me. It's always fun to see how these issues get resolved.
  10. Ok I will check that out. I don't what a blind bearing puller is. Thanks
  11. Ready to remove the flywheel with special puller tool. I am replacing the support bearing for the starter since the bearings fell out. I am having trouble getting the bearing race out of the rear cover. Do you know how to get it out? I posted a photo of the bearing. I am not sure if it went thru. I don't do well with this posting stuff.
  12. 2004 450s Forman. Does anyone know how to remove the starter support bearing from the rear housing? My ideas are not working. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply. its the 17 mm bolt that holds the pull starter cup on. I have been using an impact wrench 125 psi. Lefty Losey for right hand thread. Guess I will try again tomorrow. This is in regards to my last post about the noisy starter. I found the problem which was the roller bearing that supports the pilot shaft for the starter. some of the bearings where missing so I am replacing that bearing in the rear housing. Thanks for your help.
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