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  1. Thanks, mostly what I had gathered minus the part about the lobes, my new tensioner should be in tomorrow so I can slap this thing back together.
  2. Nice bike Fish.. if only I was still working.. I gotta finish up this 650.. sell it.. then fix up a 500 I just picked up as a "part out" maybe I'll keep the 500 and sell my 450.
  3. So I searched the Service Manual and the Rincon forums to no great success. I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to set the timing chain on a Rincon 650. I dont understand getting TDC on a compression stroke when the valves have to be off to put the new chain on the cam. Most I could gather was the "T" mark needs to be in the sight hole, and the long hash mark on the cam gear lined up with top of cylinder, the 2 short hash marks lined up parallel with casing. If that's even right on setting the cam. Once I get that in I can check timing when it goes back together.
  4. Gotta love honda frames. Weld got a bit messy, apparently my wire started rusting and was sticking in the gun.. made the weld spotty, but will hold way better now
  5. Yeah Jeep, only one of the guys I ride with has liquid cooled, efi, auto.. we spend more time pulling him out. We finally told him go buy a honda, if you bring that thing again we aren't going. We all ride 300s, 400s and then me with my 450. I love my 450, I go right thru stuff they get stuck in.
  6. I'm sure it's great on the trail, with the IRS but I mud.. aside from the fact its automatic. I'm not a fan of water cooled engines in the mud, I've seen way more radiators get plugged up with mud than I've seen motors so encased with mud they overheat. But aside from that, I think it'll be a fun bike for the wife. Plus she gets to feel good that my 450 with a GR can't keep up.
  7. Yes, it's an automatic.. yes my 450 will outlast it.. but the 650 is for the wife and I picked it up cheap.. I just want to see the power difference. The 650 will not be getting put on 29.5 outlaws. Maybe I'll put 26s on it but its mostly staying stock unlike my 450
  8. It's completely off.. need a new one.. plus I'll do the timing chain since I'm in there. And it's a little loose.. and the oil seal on the front cover was leaking.. sigh.. so much to do.. but i really want to compare the 650 to my 450
  9. So I put the 450 on back burner.. decided to get on the 650.. I think I'm looking at getting a new frame.. all it needed was a new oil pump chain.. and I go and disassemble it and find rot
  10. I didn't spend a dime except the new winch cable. I used the head and piston and rings from the parts bike. Steel cable because I can't use synthetic in my real unless I get a barrel from warn. I prefer SS cable over synthetic for s couple reasons. But I snapped it cause he was stuck stuck, in reverse I was winching myself in.. so I tried yanking.. bad idea
  11. Well good news bad news and some funny news.. good news is not smoking anymore and runs strong.. took her out to sabine atv park this past weekend.. bad news I avoided mud cause I snapped my brand new winch cable pulling my buddies Polaris out of a hole, and my timing chain needs to be replaced.. its slapping.. and need to clean the carberator again.. but she made it the whole weekend with minor hiccups.. then I rolled it going down a steep incline when I caught a rut from a sxs.. flipped her over.. fired back up.. rode rest of the day
  12. Yeah, the job was coming to an end, so we laid ppl off and upped hours and days worked, barely had any time till I finally got laid off
  13. Hey all, I know I've been dark for awhile now, work was killing me. I hadn't touched my 4 wheeler since my last post, well I got busy this week with it. Had to get it running right for a ride next weekend. It was a mosquito spray bike before, so not having a job now and no extra cash to spend, i pulled the piston and head from the parts bike.. barely smoking now, fixed my fan to a toggle switch so I can kill it before getting into some water. I missed riding
  14. Well, work seems to be determined to not let me have time to work on my bike. I really haven't made much progress.. but definitely gotta take the spare jug to get bored.. has some very fine pitting that's too much to hone out
  15. Wait.... ATVs have brakes?! .. guess none of us around here have working brakes cause the mud gonna stop ya. Lol FF, I would love to ride out there, just not my bike, it'd kill me or someone else
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