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  1. So I decided to put the front crankcase with the new parts on and see what happened. The same thing happened. So then, thinking about what @toodeep said about breaking the clutches free I decided to just go for yet another long ride. I started out in first just driving around, pulling up on the shifter and revving hard. After doing this in different gears and revving hard the clutches finally broke free. So for this issue the cause was stuck clutches. I think that the oil change helped too. This would be the second time the oil has been swapped since I got the quad. The oil I drained out was disgusting and there was a bunch of goop in the front cover so I think the new oil probably helped too. Thanks to everyone for all the help, and especially to @toodeep. That process turned out to be the solution, and I think I have a really good quad now that its fixed! One other note, that was just a poor picture. I inspected the plates and nothing was cracked. Other than the crud in the crank cover I thought it looked really good inside. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Here are the pictures I took tonight. Unfortunately I did not see anything that looks bent, distorted or damaged or really any different comparing my old parts to my new parts. I do see a decent amount of crud on the plates and obviously that huge heat ring around the centrifugal clutch. I will get pictures of the bearing tomorrow. I am wondering if the crud indicates that the discs are stuck stuck together like @toodeep you were saying. I didn't replace the parts and finish the job tonight because I don't see anything wrong with the current parts and wanted to let you guys take a look. Let me know what you think or if there's any other parts pictures that would be helpful and I will take them. The only thing wrong that I could see with the triangle bearing is one of the balls showed minor resistance when moving it around but it didn't seem like nearly enough to keep the clutch from engaging.
  3. Yes, I am thinking the guy before me adjusted the clutch until the screw is where it is. It shifted slightly better when I test drove it. It has gotten worse over the two months I've rode it. I haven't really rode much, I have just been riding to try and get it running right.. I am not worried about pulling the cover, I am heading out to do it now. I have done a decent amount of work with cars. Pulling that cover off is less work than changing my brakes so I am not sweating it. Just so I understand the steps you would take, are you saying you would replace the clutch disks because in your opinion that is the problem, or your just replacing that because you are already in there? I definitely do not disagree either way, I just want to understand your reasoning. I know when I replaced the timing belt on my 06 Honda Pilot, I replaced the water pump, and anything else I could while I had it apart because it just makes sense... There is a gasket, Harvey Spooner got away without replacing it, I didn't order one initially and now I am somewhat regretting it. I will probably see if somewhere local has it, if not I will be waiting a few days on that. Will update when I get it apart. I am interested to see what @toodeep is thinking too.
  4. While its not running I can shift through all the gears without rocking the machine. I can also shift through all the gears at idle while not moving.
  5. Ok, so last night I loosened the locknut and tried to adjust again. Same thing it would only turn about a quarter turn before it was completely tight as if adjusted all the way out. I tried driving again and going through the described process and didn't see any changes. I dont like driving it that way because I feel like I'm potentially grinding some gears.. At this point I am at a loss for what to try next
  6. I will certainly read it. I am assuming by that recommendation I am adjusting it wrong?
  7. Ok, I will go out and try the adjustment again just to be sure I did it right the first time. For the 3rd, and 4th gears to get the clutch packs unstuck are you saying to do that at a stop? Because I cannot pull up on the shifter it is impossible to pull up at RPM currently. For oil I used Honda Pro GN4 Motor oil - 10W30. I was hoping that maybe it just had the wrong oil initially but I am certain that is not the issue.
  8. Ok, I see why you thought that, that was just me not including enough details. I was trying to describe that the adjuster was already all the way out but I didn't say that at all. In my head it made perfect sense... lol Let me try again: I loosened the lock nut, then attempted to turn out the adjuster screw and it would only turn counter clockwise maybe 1/4 turn max, I then turned it back clockwise 1/8 a turn. I held the adjuster screw in place and tightened the lock nut. After that I started up and pulled the shifter up holding it there and revved the engine at this point the quad started moving forward. I attempted to drive and had the same shifting issue as before. So it seems to me that the adjuster is all the way out already. It moves freely so I don't think its bound or anything. Another note is that as I turned it counter clockwise it never got stiff to turn it just seemed to bottom out. I put moderate force on it and it felt bottomed out.
  9. @bcsman when I loosened the locknut to adjust the clutch and attempted to back the adjuster out and it turned about a 1/4 turn counterclockwise before not being able to turn anymore as of it were all the way backed out. I then turned it it about an eighth hoping that would adjust it. I held the adjuster while tightening the locknut. I went through those steps based on what the manual said. @shadetreetheres no doubt I could have done it wrong so I'll go back through those steps again when I get off this evening. Do you hear anything wrong with that process? @retro I had originally posted there and bcs man moved the thread here so that I would have an intro too. When I get home this evening I'll work to move everything around so everything is correct, sorry about that.
  10. Thanks for all the welcomes! I am glad to have found a forum that has active members. @toodeepshould I go repost my question in engine drivetrains for utility ATV's?
  11. Hello All, I am brand new here, I saw a suggestion to come to this forum from Honda ATV forum so here I am. I am here to learn, save time, and money by avoiding replacing a bunch of good parts. This is my 3rd fourwheeler and I have only owned Honda Recons.
  12. Hello All, I am brand new here, I saw a suggestion to come to this forum from Honda ATV forum so here I am. I am here to learn, save time, and money by avoiding replacing a bunch of good parts. This is my 3rd fourwheeler and I have only owned Honda Recons. I will give a quick description of my problem, give the troubleshooting I have done, and try to explain what I think the problem is based on a YouTube video I found(shown below) then hopefully be educated on my vast lack of knowledge on the subject and gain an understanding on the problem. Problem description: I can shift into first and second with little to no issue(just some minor l unging) when I am at RPM in second gear it will not let me shift into 3rd unless I slow down dramatically, and then it roughly shifts into 3rd. This is the same for 4th, and 5th. If I hold the foot shifter up from Neutral and hit the gas the fourwheeler starts moving. I tried to adjust the clutch but the adjuster screw was already turned counterclockwise as far as it could go. From what I can tell this indicates the change clutch is not disengaging. What I am hoping is that the problem is related to the adjuster and lifter cam. I am referencing Harvey Spooners video below. I think that I may have the same problem but cannot seem to find any other information about the problem he mentions in this video. I have ordered the following parts(attached photo) based on what I could conclude from this video, but he talks in the video like this is common knowledge, which maybe it is, its just not common to me. If this is something you guys have seen in other locations or think I can find info on just by searching forums please feel free to send me reading. I have searched for this issue elsewhere pretty extensively and have found nothing that is exactly the same. Thanks in advance!
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