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  1. Thanks everyone for the help here. I appreciate it. Ends up the original stator was toast. I put her all back together and no spark. Luckily I was able to reuse the gasket and had another stator/flywheel on hand, that worked. She is back in action pushing snow again! woop! Now just waiting on the decompression lever/cable to come in, so I can hopefully start when the battery dies.
  2. Thanks guys, ok more parts to order! I've got no cable and the lever is partly there, looks like it has been cut/sheared off.
  3. Does anyone know the torque specs for the left and right side crank cover bolts? I couldn't find anything in the service manual, just for some of the internals.
  4. No not working, I don't seem to have a decompression lever/cable at all.
  5. Ok, great info. So, the 350A Fourtrax and the TRX350A are the same?
  6. Ok, thanks Jeep! I got her mostly back together, just waiting on the starter reduction gear to get in to fire it up. Its new OEM. This one is very hard to kick start.
  7. Woop, thanks guys, think I'll give her a go, all I'll lose is possibly a $10 gasket for trying.
  8. Thanks fish. The parts (supposedly pulled from same bike) I ordered are from a 350A and I think that's what mine is. I thought the 350A was the trx and the 350D was the foreman, but I really don't know. Is there also a 1986 350 fourtrax? I'm really hoping I can get this thing going before I'm ousted from the garage!
  9. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I posted some more questions in the utility motor drivetrain section.
  10. Hello, just joined here the other day. I had to crack open the left side crankcase cover to address a bad one way starter bearing. The more I look in there the more damage I'm finding. Couple teeth got knocked off the starter reduction gear which got in between the stator and magneto doing some damage. I'll try to post pictures. Maybe some experts would chime in and let me know if they are still useable. The stator tests good for continuity. I have used OEM parts on the way, but my garage space is going away before the parts will get here. I'm wondering if I can put it all back together and get by until spring when it's much more pleasant to work on machinery out in the elements. I'm in Nome Alaska and this is my snow pusher! Oh yeah also is there supposed to be a washer under the one way starter bearing? Mine does not have one, but I see it on the parts diagram.
  11. The stator tested out good. Will put her back together tommorow night after work and see if she's ready to push snow!
  12. Awesome!, thanks toodeep. it's a relief knowing I won't have to crack open the right side! I'll check that stator tonight after work.
  13. Hello, I'm in Nome, AK. I got a 1986 trx350 a few years back, It has been a constant battle fixing everything that breaks down on it, but I kinda like it in a way. Just wish it didn't pick the first snowstorm this year to take a crap on me. I don't have a garage, so yeah, frozen fingers, dropping parts in the snow, all part of the fun here! So, after strapping on the plow, after the first push, she dies on me, no big deal, its cold, just need to adjust the throttle cable a bit, but upon trying to start it, I hear a god awful grinding, sound, thought I'd grenaded the transmission, but after searching that other site, I found some great info from Shadetree and that it might be the starter bearing. Sure enough when I cracked open the case the bearings little spring wire had snapped. I also found out my driveshaft bearings and seals were completely gone. There was also a bit of gouging on the stator, I'm hoping it will be ok. I've got the left side crankcase gasket, one way starter bearing, and driveshaft ordered on Ebay. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what else to look for in there while I have it cracked open? When I pulled the left case the shifter shaft came with it, and from what I understand I may have to pull the right side now to fix what may have came off the shaft? Anyone know what that may be? I didn't hear anything obviously fall from the other side and I slid the shaft back in without issue. Is it possible I got lucky and won't have to crack open the right side? If I do end up pulling the right side, what should I look for there to repair while I'm in there? Too much info for an introduction? Thanks!
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