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  1. Okay @_Wilson_™, I see my mistake. I did not look and thought your response was from wheeler. That is why I compared your post with his photos. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Are you talking about the gas tank? I do like that I don’t have to worry about tank rust. I also live in Florida, so things don’t rust too bad unless you are on the beach. I really like yours, it appears to be in excellent condition. Is that a 300, it says “355”? I had one about the same year as yours, the only one I ever bought new.
  3. That looks great! I thought about making some out of 3/4” or 1” EMT. I work at an electrical facility so scraps are free. I happen to find 2 full sets of Kimpex fender protectors with foot pegs (eBay) and I put them on my 2001 foreman 450 and my 1986 fourtrax 250. But I love to fabricate things. On the 1986, I had to fabricate some brackets to make it fit the foot pegs because it was made for a foreman.
  4. I am sending my old speedometer to AKATV so he can use it for parts to help someone else. He has been such a help walking me through how to diagnose the problem.
  5. I ended up finding a speedometer in stock at a dealership In Kentucky so I canceled the one that was on back order. It arrived today. I plugged it in and everything works as it should.
  6. If the u-joint is spinning and the axle is not then the rear end must be broken but that does not explain the lack of spark.
  7. Thank you for the help. I have been corresponding with AKATV and we have come to the conclusion that the card is bad on my display and would be a fairly expensive fix. But it turns out that every new one I can find for sale is actually on back order. I did order one with a ship date of February 16. At this point I will be pleasantly surprised if it actually ships. I will post back with the result.
  8. I agree it is strange. That’s what makes me think it could possibly be something else. I messaged AKATV last night and he has responded. Thank you.
  9. @AKATV I have not received any feedback from any members. I will attempt to send you a message.
  10. I have checked several connectors and so far all have been perfectly clean. Voltage at the battery when running is 14.5-14.75 depending on rpm.
  11. I have a low mileage, low hour, never abused, very well maintained, garage kept, etc. Foreman 450s. Yesterday the display was working and today it is not. The neutral light, reverse light and temp light work and the backlight works when the headlights are on. I figure that it needs to be sent to AKATV but I would like to rule anything else out before possibly sending him a display that is not broken. Is there any way to check the display to verify it is the problem? Or is there anything else I should check that would rule out another problem that would cause this? Thank you.
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