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  1. Well @jeepwm69 that little hack did the trick I ran a couple wires according to the video and was able to shift through all gears no problem and also reverse. I undid the wire I routed from the solenoid to the battery ground just to narrow it down to possibly the cdi and that worked as well. So I’m thinking that ground in the cdi runs to the gear position sensor and it’s shorting out somehow when put in gear or could be position sensor faulty. Not sure just throwing up ideas. Guess it’s onward to the rear end. I appreciate your help brother and taking time out to help.
  2. It sure seems that way. I can start it in reverse by switching the gear position leads but pulling up to netrual it’ll shut off. im not sure about the start in gear I’ll try and see. For some reason the brake light itself and wiring is all disconnected.
  3. I took off the rear end (one of the pivot bolts got hung up and was spinning freely) so that was a grand ole fun time. Still does the same thing soon as I go into gear shuts off. It will shift through the gears with a little rocking back and forth. I have a few more videos I’ll add too after I dropped rear end. What I’m thinking really just a shot in the dark Cdi? I did replace it with an Amazon cdi I’ve read and I believe you mentioned also that they were not very reliable. Also I do think the rear end is another issue in itself. I think the loser I got it from just pieced together something that looked like it had potential and got the first sucker to buy and that was me. I’m not gonna give up though I’m determined to get this thing going now.
  4. Alright, so got her jacked up hopefully I can post these short videos on here. What i found is it stalls out still putting it into first it’ll move forward slightly then lock and die. I also put it in neutral and spun the wheels by hand forward and backwards and heard what sounds like crunching. Not sure where to go from here. IMG_2245.MOV
  5. Yes it rolls in neutral no problem. I haven’t tried jacking up the rear, I’ll give that a go later on today and report back. I’ll note I did try and start it in reverse by switching the gear position wires? It acted like it wanted to go but started popping and jumping so I’ve left it alone since then.
  6. @jeepwm69 yeah I hope it does. Hey if you have a sec could you check my other thread? I’m having another issue with the same atv shifting.
  7. Sorry for the late reply I never got the notification anyone replied. But yes they were cheap Amazon parts, it wound up being the cdi I replaced it and got spark. Thanks for replying
  8. https://youtu.be/t8qYnp3LJZE?si=7BAastGqLTho2Ted Hey y’all, I have a 2006 Honda recon I bought off Facebook marketplace guy said it needed a stator and that the top end was recently rebuilt, it had no spark. Got the stator and pickup replaced got spark, went to put it in gear it made a loud clunking sound then stalls out. Bout a new clutch pack and centrifugal clutch got that replaced and nothing same thing. I will try and link a (YouTube link at top of post) video I posted within this post but if it doesn’t work it’s HavocxSC and the only video I have. Could it be transmission issue? It sounds like it’s coming from rear differential which I will note was completely out of fluid. Any help would be appreciated thank y’all
  9. Man I hope this works. I recently bought a 2006 recon guy said it needed a new stator had intermittent spark at first then no spark at all. Went through t and tested stator and pulse gen and indeed it was no good, so I ordered a new pulse gen and stator installed them, and went to test spark and boom! Had spark…. Then boom it went away now I can’t get any spark. I’ve tested plug wire, spark plug, gave the cdi a whack,shut off switch, it’s turning over just nothing. I’m at a lost I would appreciate it so much for any help y’all, thanks in advance.
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