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  1. Don’t buy cheap eBay stuff!!! It will make you very frustrated! Lol
  2. Update! So it turned out to be a bad ignition/key switch. I unplugged it and it started right up. Thank you all for the help! I’ll be back soon with more questions!!
  3. I didn’t know there was a float bowl vent hose! I guess I didn’t look too close. Lol. I’ve tried taking the cap off of the tank and it didn’t change anything. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Thank you!
  4. I have another carb off of a different machine. I’ll clean that one up and give it a try. Yes, it starts right back up and does the same thing. The choke doesn’t really make a difference
  5. It was a cheap kit off of eBay. I just used the gaskets from it. Everything else went into the ultrasonic cleaner then was blown with compressed air. It’s an original oem carb. I didn’t use the specs from the manual, I just put everything back exactly like it came out. It runs and sounds good for maybe 10 seconds then just slowly dies. Spraying starting fluid won’t keep it going.
  6. No change using starting fluid. ill check the compression and timing marks in the morning. Thank you!
  7. We rigged up a small tank and used that engineered gas from the parts house and put a fresh plug in with no change. i downloaded the manual but haven't had a chance to dig through it yet
  8. intro post done! sorry, didn't mean to be rude! It has spark, but it looks a little weak in my uneducated opinion. a little backstory, it was running fine but it flooded here. So i went through a bit of high water, about the top of the wheels. No water got in the engine as far as i know(airbox dry etc.) and i also got gas from a station that i don't usually use. Riding along and it just died and wouldn't start back. I originally thought it was bad gas. Do you think the compression or timing would go just like that?
  9. Hello my fellow red riders! I'm Jake. i am 32 and from Southeast Texas. Ive been on hondas my entire life. My dad bought a trx70 before my brother and i were born. We literally rode the wheels off of that thing. Life got in the way for a few years, but I'm getting back into the game. I currently have A 85 200m ATC, a 82 250r air fooler and a 03 recon. They are all projects and none of the currently run, but hopefully that will change soon! I'm fairly mechanically inclined but i have a ton of questions and I'm currently stumped on a few things! Im excited to be in the mix of some other honda hoarders!!
  10. Yes, the bowl is filling and staying full as far as i can tell. i opened the drain on the bowl and filled a water bottle, never stopped flowing.
  11. Its An eBay special. it has good fuel flow to the carb.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm currently piddling with A 2003 Recon (the Freecon). I can't get it to run for the life of me, I've been thinking its a fuel issue. Fresh gas, new petcock in tank, went through the carb twice. it will run for about 5-10 seconds and die. starts right back up and does the same. it seems like its running the bowl dry, but if you open the drain on the bowl it drains good. its getting spark but it looks weak. is there any chance its a spark issue and not fuel?
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