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  1. Hi, I'm no where near you guys down in Arkansas. I'm way up north from you guys. March has been nice, but there will be some snow tomorrow. I much appreciate the offer though, I'd like to get this quad to shift in all the gears, find neutral and reverse. 🙂
  2. I'm still around. We're in need of some much warmer weather to start anything more serious than cleaning it thoroughly and fixing wires. Even if that particular bolt is loose in the trans, I've no real idea what else to look for that maybe worn, bad etc. At least it's in the garage and dry.
  3. This one however is not a "reproduction" : https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/11394-HM7-003 We are gathering information still and continue to fix the little issues it has. Not ready to do the other larger issue just yet.
  4. Maybe not terrible but maybe a bit daunting as I/we are not mechanics. The guy in the video replaced the gasket. Do you know by chance where I can locate one? The other thing is, once it's open, I won't be able to tell if there is anything else broken/not right by looking at it. As for the other sensor under the alternator cover, the neutral/reverse safety switch, right? I couldn't find any helpful videos on youtube for the 1998 Honda Foreman 400 foot shift I have.
  5. Going through youtube videos trying to find similar problems. Is this close to what you're taking about?
  6. When I push the red button and pull the handlebar lever, down underneath where the end of that cable goes under a yoke to engage the lever, the lever attached to the case only moves about an eighth of an inch. I can move this lever on the case at least one and a half inches by hand, how much should the cable/lever move when I pull the lever on the handle bar? The other question I have is, there is a nut/flathead screw adjustment that can be made to adjust the clutch. Do I turn the screw counter clockwise till it stops, then a quarter turn clockwise then set that position with the nut holding the set screw in place till the nut is secure? What adjustment to the clutch does this make?
  7. So I should have all forward gears, correct? It should start in any gear? The neutral mod just bypasses the switch and not allowing it to go into reverse? because it can't actually get into neutral..... Are there any cable adjustments to make for reverse? The cable at the bottom of the engine. How about the clutch adjustment nut on the front?
  8. Hi It does start in gear and the neutral green light is always on. There is a forward gear, however no reverse. Where is the neutral switch? Per the online manual - inside the alternator?
  9. Hi All, I have a 1998 Honda Foreman 400 foot shift that I recently acquired and it's my first ATV. The neutral/green light is always on and it starts in gear always. There seems to be only 1 forward gear, I can't get into neutral, so there is also no reverse. The previous owner grounded 1 pin inside a 2 pin connector to the right rear wheel well so it will always start in gear. Why? When I reconnected this wire back to normal in its connector, the electric start button would no longer work. I want to put everything back to normal so I have all the forward gears, neutral and reverse. I have no further knowledge in what to do and I'm looking for help. Thanks.
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