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  1. Oh and by the way, this is the GMT 400 i have built, it enjoys hauling hondas!!!
  2. Shes back on all 4, and riding around. just to finish some things up. anyone have some spare parts theyd be willing to sell?
  3. Shes dang near done, minus the motro which is at the shop, so im piddiling with the 350 to pass the time!! picking up snorkel stuff today.
  4. Alright guys! she lives, turns out my issue was a bad plug!!! once I find out how to post pics il post more, also I drug another 350 home, but i noticed something, under the back paint it had, ITS BLUE, so the parts bike will be the next project.
  5. How can I tell that? Im having issues with spark
  6. Im glad to be back, i remember asking you for advice on the old fourum
  7. Hello y'all, I picked up a 350 d last year, and have had to replace the motor, I.m building it to bea decent offroad bike.
  8. Hello all, Jeepwm69 showed me the new fourum when I ran into him on the 67-72 truck fourum. I'm glad to be back, and I have a 350 d im tearing into, that i have some questions about! Glad to be back in the Honda world
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