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  1. Ok thanks goober, I was able to fix the switch with your tutorial, but alas, still no spark. Gonna get a new cudi box and spark plug
  2. Ok thanks goober, I didn’t know if that would come apart without breaking.. I’ll give it a whirl tonight
  3. I did that, except the kill button doesn’t switch on off, I suppose because I don’t use it... can it be bypassed easily without messing up anything?
  4. I don’t see where it unplugs at
  5. I was just going by the manual, which I didn’t see mention that.. where would it unplug
  6. No, just had it on run
  7. I was going by what this says, there is continuity when it says there should not be
  8. So... upon further testing I seem to have continuity (when I should have none)between bl/w and g/w for the kill switch. I never use it anyway, is it difficult to bypass?
  9. I knew I was doing something wrong, I didn’t see the k on the ohms standard
  10. I was following that section of the manual. The meter is to the lowest setting and I read .5 between the green terminal in the black terminal, but I cannot get a reading between the green terminal and the end of the wire, I am definitely contacting the wire out on the end… I even had an electricApprentice try it and he got the same result it is a 350a
  11. So, I was riding on a very hot and humid day, and the ol girl (87 fourtrax 350) suddenly stopped running. I got it pulled home, discovered no spark. Couldn’t get an ohm reading on the secondary coil. Ordered a new one off eBay, brand new genuine Honda... hooked it up still no spark, so I took it off and brought it to the multimeter, and I’m getting out of range reading on the primary coil but no reading on the secondary as pictured (exactly like the old coil). Am I doing something wrong here?
  12. Welcome from central mn! I can relate as my first atv was a 110 3wheeler, good times and several injuries!
  13. I don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m keeping an ol 87 350 running with help from the forum. I’m located in central Minnesota. I don’t have much for great places to ride around here, but I do use it for hunting/fishing.. For work I do rural mail delivery, and I still do part time construction (was full time almost 20 years). I have a fiancé and 6 year old daughter, and a couple dogs.. what else is there to say, besides SKOL VIKES!!! (I see all you aints fans lol)
  14. Got mine running again! Thanks to the help from this forum.... It might not be much to look at but it does what I need it to do
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