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  1. Right! Also the SDH has been discontinued few years ago, new version according to DID is: SCA0412ASVX114
  2. So I decided to contact didchain, and what an amazing customer service! Here is the official answer as reference if anyone search in the future:
  3. Called my Honda dealer, confirmed me I had the good one based on his system. Than he called the Importer and the guy told him it was the exact same chain, but SCR is more robust and since it was confusing people, they decided to import/sell SCR only and doesn't sell SCA anymore... so now I don't understand why it doesn't fit better than that.
  4. Yeah like I said, it's not what I ordered, I received wrong one. But after looking at specs, the only difference from the good one is 0.15mm height. It seems to clear cylinder cover and it's same pitch so I think it should be good. Ordered from Honda dealer! Really would like @shadetree opinion on that chain!
  5. Humm are you 100% sure, this is not an engine assembly grease it's more for chassis parts like this one: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/rotella-special-duty-moly-grease-400-g-0280841p.html no ??
  6. I'm also trying to find molybdenum disulfide grease for my Camshaft, called 2 car parts store 2 ATV shop including Honda dealer... can't find it! Only thing I've found is Permatex 81950 Ultra Slick Engine Assembly Lube, seems to be for camshaft but not moly
  7. @shadetree @Goober your thoughts on the chain? I took a picture of the "fitment", don't know if it should perfectly sit on the gear or those small gaps are normal. I don'T want to do it twice 🙂
  8. Just received my chain, it's not what ordered! I don't understand anything in all those numbers / letters on chains. Will this fit? I asked for SCA-0412A SDH, I finally found detailed informations and it SCR seems a bit stronger, narrower (10.3mm vs 11mm) and have a bit more height (6.85mm vs 6.70mm)
  9. Yeah I know, but if you look at my picture, shaft arm is touching throttle link so I don't have any play there
  10. But if you look at video, it doesn't seems that bad on synchronisation. @shadetree your thoughts on that? I also would like your opinion on my hondabond question 🙂
  11. Today I rebuilded my Carburetor, first time I do that. Now in the manual they say "adjust synchronization by opening or closing the slot in the throttle link" but I don't have any slot, it has been removed by previous owner, can this cause issue? Here is a video showing my throttle in action: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2mGoSNtGSbGJUcEC6 Thanks!
  12. Perfect, will not soak them they are used. Yeah I already hate that lol, will try with plastic scraper. Another question, for my cylinder head cover I wanted to use Hondabond HT but the dealer near me said they are using permatex ultra grey or black!!! I was very surprised since even Permatex say: Source: https://www.permatex.com/ten-common-gasketing-mistakes/ They only have Hondabond 4 in stock right now, can I use that for my cylinder head cover or I should order HT ?
  13. Ok thanks, will take a look because they don't have any gasket remover in stock near me and shipping will take too long
  14. Also, since my secondary clutch will be out for 1 week do I have to soak it in new oil before installing it? And I saw in another post that loctite is required on secondary clutch four bolts?? Nothing about that in manual
  15. And I already have a Question, what do you recommend to cleanup my crankcase / cover, remove the old gasket and prepare surface for new one ? Think to use a wood chisel very gently to remove old gasket and I have 600 grit Emery Cloth but I'm pretty sure it's a band idea to use that 🙂 So what do you recommend?
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