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  1. I 100% agree but this ain't mine quad and my buddy traded it for a POS nissan truck. I think he paid maybe $800 for the truck so he ain't gonna spend much money on it if any at all 😂
  2. If this thing don't work I'll let you know and I'll probably get it just to have incase it messes up again
  3. Awesome! That's exactly what we did. We just shoved it down in there. I bought the factory thing so I'll still see if it works. Cause if it came off already I'm not sure how effective it will be
  4. Well I pinned the china clip in as tight as I could. If the stock one fits I'll put it in, if it doesnt I guess I lll just make sure the china pin is shoved even more
  5. Well I order a stock one, it was used and only 7$ so we will see. I had a feeling this was a cheap china carb just by the way it looked and felt. And had no names on it. How does that retainer work then? Do you know?
  6. @SlammedRanger thank you so much! Saved the day again!
  7. So we shoved the ! out of that metal V shaped thing and wedged it in there and it actually started and held up. But I'm gonna go ahead and order that part. Is that the correct one for this thing? I don't understand how it didn't have one in it. The guy he bought it from took it to a shop even and had them fix it, so it makes me wonder if he was lying about it.
  8. Buddy bought an 01 rancher 350. Said it had some carb work done before he bought it. When he got it, it ran great... For two hours then it died. Now when you even give it the slightest amount of throttle it dies. So I took his carb apart to make sure it wasn't clogged. It was pretty clean but the top part is what's blowing my mind here. Now I'm super new to working on stuff but carbs to me sem pretty simple, parts wise. The top of the carb pulls off along with the spring. In the top is the needle valve. Well it was just floating in the top part. Wasn't in the hole or anything just sitting there... I figured that would be the problem. There isn't anything in there tho that would hold it in. Unless I'm just getting confused on how it works can someone please explain? I'll add pictures for reference
  9. Thanks! I really am excited for him to be here. Can't wait to have a riding buddy
  10. I would literally cry if that happened. I had to drilled out a bolt that snapped off in the frame and I'm not kidding it took me like 4 hours to do it. And it was super easily accessible. If that happened I'd have to take the motor back apart and last time I did that I dropped a washer from the head bolts into the hole where the cam chain is.... I had a basically had a heart attack cause I did not wanna crack the whole bottom end open to find it. Cause I've never done that before and I don't have any of the gaskets. But luck was on my side again and I fished it out with a magnet, it took me almost two hours to get it out but I did
  11. I found another nut on the quad that fit it and it worked! I got it off! Thanks for your help! That was my issue is not having access to a welder. I don't have one and since I'm quarantined I can't go out to use my buddy's. But I got it off tho thankfully! So thank you, and I can't wait, we are having a boy! @Fishfiles thanks for the help bud!
  12. Thank you! It's gonna be our first we are super excited! And yea we didn't think anything of it and the Dr told us two weeks before we were supposed to be quarantining that we had to. Which didn't give our work much notice but it worked out in the end. I'm looking right now I gonna try to find another one on my quad and if not I'll move to my car see if I can find anything! Thanks for the help
  13. That's exactly right I'm left with one nut at this point 🤣
  14. I would go go to a hardware store but I'm currently under quarantine because we are about to have a kid and I'm not allowed to leave per Dr orders. So I'm really trying to not go out unless I have to. That's why I was hoping the red thread locker would work. We will see tomorrow tho cause I'm gonna let it cure for 25 hours and then try to get it out. All the other studs were pretty easy to get out so I'm hoping with just enough force I can get this one. My vice grips kept slipping and I didn't wanna damage the threads to much as to not be able to get the nut back on. Thanks for the response!
  15. Thanks for the response! I figure it should work cause it says it won't come off unless you add heat to it. I'm gonna try it and let it cure for 24 hours and see. I don't have the new studs yet anyway so it's not a rush for me.
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