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  1. I just did them hand tight 😂 I'm not going amy further than that
  2. Okay! I'll do that and get it tight. I put the valve covers back on for now just not tight at all.
  3. It's still smoking, I'll try to get a video of it and see what you guys think. And okay so those little bars shouldn't move on that mount?
  4. https://youtube.com/shorts/yT3xiONDLDc Here is the link. Hope it works
  5. Okay so I think I did have the stroke wrong but I figured it out now. Double checked after I hand turned the motor over several times. I got the lid off the jb weld didn't work but it gave me enough grip to get a vice on and torqued the ! out of it and it finally went. I'm uploading a video to youtube right now and I'll put the link in the next post. Let me know if you think the motor sounds good! It sounds a ! of a lot better to me
  6. Well hopefully I didn't adjust them on the wrong stroke. Here in a bit I'll go double check
  7. Did not check to see if piston was touchable, did not know I could actually do that. How do you see the cam lobs if the cover is on? I've also never torqued them down before either! Also have not recheck the valves after turning it by hand!
  8. 😱😱😱😱 will I'm glad I'm actually taking into then rather than not!
  9. @Wheeler I'll definitely be doing it right next time but I had no clue what right was because this is the first actual motor I've ever worked on 🤣
  10. It doesn't even make sense to me how it could have. I did have trouble starting it most cold starts it wouldn't just fire right up I'd have to choke it and sit there for a min giving it gas to finally get it to run
  11. @Fishfiles thanks I'll def be doing it that next
  12. @Fishfiles I didn't think about a chisel, but the hex on the cap wasn't a hex anymore it was a circle. I tried getting it off so many time with other stuff it literally rounded it. I could have cut into it and then maybe worked it around but I'll try this and see what happens @SlammedRanger so before when I thought the valves were tight I was mistaken. I didn't have the machine at TDC... And we'll when I did, they were sooo tight that they wouldn't fit any of my feeler gauges! On all three valves that I could open, I had to loosen 4-5 full circles before I could fit the gauges in I couldn't believe how tight they were holy cow.
  13. Well I finally got some jb weld on it. If I had access to a welder I'd have gotten it off already but I don't so this is the next best thing. Let's hope tomorrow it actually comes off
  14. It's a no go on the vice grips 😒 I have a cheap pair so they just kept slipping a messing it up even more so it's jb weld for me.
  15. I'll try some vice grips before the jb weld and see what I can accomplish!
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