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  1. I got everything back on besides the tires so tomorrow I'm gonna get everything back on and hop it will hold out for my ride Saturday. Thanks everyone for all the help
  2. That worked perfectly! I got it off thanks man!
  3. Is there any way to loose those lock nuts/jam nut things with out it being on the axle? The smaller one will not budge on the threaded piece and it's not far enough down to get it tight. And I don't wanna have to buy another one for $50
  4. Yea honestly I'd probably just change out the entire axle cause I don't have the tools for that
  5. Well my carrier is ripped to shreds in that brake side. Like it's missing a ton of metal. I'll probably just put it all back together and order the new brake side. Cause I'm trying to stay cheap lol
  6. So my sprocket hub isn't even close to as bad as my brake hub. It's seems fine actually
  7. How long of a time are we talking before it fails? Like one ride? I was really hoping to go this Saturday. Would it be okay if I stayed clear of water and mud at least for the day and then ordered a new part? I can't recall the sprocket side being that bad. And most of my videos are months out so alot has changed than what's on the videos that are out right now like even this week that stuff was done almost two months ago
  8. Idk what happened with that last reply of mine I'm still getting used to this site. But I did actually get a grease able one and I'm gonna attempt to put it all back together tonight so we shall see how it goes
  9. Here's a brand new one I found on eBay for $53
  10. This isn't the sprocket hub tho it's the brake one. And when I out it together this morning it seemed to all price together. The c clip wasn't even on anything when I pulled all this stuff off it was just loose on the axle. I guess I'm confused as to what part your referring to. Because it's not really a bearing it's like got splines and stuff on it
  11. Thanks! I just know to get it off I had to hammer it off it was so stuck on there. So I'll try tonight when I get off work when I out it all together. Thanks for the part number!
  12. They seem to be a pretty expensive part so hopefully it's alright
  13. Im in the process of replacing my carrier bearing and just wanted to put some pictures up here to see if I need to replace this. It's the brake disc mounting bracket that slides on to my axle. It's pretty rough looking and just wanted some more experience opinions. I planned on going out this Saturday for a ride but if it's to rough and I have to buy a new one I won't be able to
  14. I did fix it up! It was running tho when I bought it there just some really bad rigged stuff. Like the previous owner broke off the bung on the oil reservoir and shove the stick in there to try and stop it from leaking. Which didn't work at all it bent the internal oil screen but thankfully didn't break it cause that piece alone is $40. So I had to order a whole new oils tank. And just took it all apart and clean out as much as I could internally. Had to replace the cam chain which was a process! I've never worked on motors before this quad either so it was a big learning process for me but I've enjoyed the heck out it!
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