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  1. Thanks for the Honda 420 service manual listing on eBay. I missed the fact that it's 2014 through 2020, but with that straightened out, I went ahead and ordered one. I appreciate the tip; that should make life a lot easier now, Have a great day !
  2. thanks for the info about the manual but it predates my ATV by 5 years. I don't believe there's any flooding because the ATV starts instantly when I use the electric starter no matter how many times I've pulled previously on the recoil. I will test for spark at the plug gap when it's dark tonight. if I get a spark, then maybe there's not enough residual current to crank the fuel pump or ignite the fuel injector.
  3. Engine temperature doesn't seem to affect the problem, but time does. At one point last week, I let the ATV sit for 5 days in my garage ( daytime OAT approx 75° max), and the recoil starter ignited the engine with only a few easy pulls. A hour later, I even discharged the capacitor to ground,. waited a hour, and the recoil starter did his job fine. But thereafter if I try to start it within a hour, or even a day or two, he's cannot ignite the engine. I stripped off the engine cowling and checked every inch of wiring and connectors for damage or looseness. There weren't none no how. I've been searching online for an electrical wiring schematic for this 2019 Honda four Trx 4X4, but I just can't hardly find one to no how. I found one for a 2007, But the online diagram truncated at the point where the lead from the capacitor joined in to the rest of the chassis wiring. "You jes' cane-t hardly win ".
  4. mine just uses a capacitor hooked into the electrical harness everything else is straight mechanical. there is 13.5 volts getting to the capacitor and it charges.
  5. All this was done three weeks ago. The fuel is fresh and treated with stabilizer.
  6. Sorry, I thought I did. It came with the recoil mechanical starter mechanism (and it's bolts) that bolts onto the flywheel, a new flange bolt that goes into the flywheel, an oil seal, a washer, and a capacitor that plugs directly in to an existing harness in the battery tray.
  7. You appear to be correct. All I can do at this point is haul it down to the Honda dealer and let them waste a lot of time tracing circuitry and spark at the plug, only to tell me that everything's working fine.
  8. Thanks for the info about all the power that the condenser has to supply to the ATVs electrical system. But still, the pull start was working fine with one or two pulls for four months. Thanks for your help.
  9. If all you can do is use nasty language and make foolish accusations like "shooting your mouth off" stay off the comment site. Besides which you just contradicted yourself.
  10. You're wrong about that; go talk to a Honda dealer. Or better yet, go to Honda's website and build a new EFI 4x4 rancher to your own specs. You certainly can order an EFI model with a pull start on it. I have one. Try to get your facts straight before commenting
  11. That is absolute nonsense. This pull starter was working fine one or two pulls for months and then just stopped working. I also have another Honda ATV (a 2005) that still starts on the first pull of the recoil after 15 years
  12. That's a good strategy. it's a lot wiser than those people who have been commenting and telling me how hard it is to start with a pull start and therefore I shouldn't use it to begin with. I don't need their kind of "help".
  13. the battery is new and it's putting out 13.5 volts. I pull started to make sure it will start in preparation for my field trip. The spark plugs are stock Honda plugs and they're new. it's a new bike I've only had it since June 2nd bought new in the crate from the dealer. the idol is stable and seems to be right where it belongs.
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