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  1. I have extra covers with good o rings i instaled. No leaks except the decompression oil seal but its very minor. yesterday I ran a tank of gas full throttle through sloppy snow/mud then before i put it away i also dragged the indoor horse arena. After all that the fan kicked on for the first time since ive had it. Lol only for a short time, i cant believe how tough this bike is. If i had drove the Polaris big boss 800 6x6 half as hard as my foreman yesterday, it would be dead.
  2. Got real hot in here real quick. It will be ok. Testing it tomorrow.
  3. Lol one minute late. I maned up and gave it a tug and it came right off. I think im just going to send it and put it back together with the ultra copper.. if something happens later it will be the push i need for a top down overhaul. Wish me luck
  4. O mannnn.. thats what the auto store had. It says not recommended for parts in contact with gasoline but im not redoing the head, just the head cover.
  5. Yup sometimes its a gift and sometimes its a curse. So i did work on it last night. I got my valve covers off, cleaned up, and looked through my parts bin and found two covers with good o rings. Than just for fun i started the engine to see how much less oil ended up on the fins. Better but still gotta take the head cover off, so i let the engine warm up and quickly cracked loose all the bolts. Im pretty darn happy none of the bolts broke. But i got a question.. the service manual is throwing me off a little. It says that i need to loosen the valve adjusting screw which i dont think i need to do, and i would rather not, and it also says to take the carb off, which dosnt make sense. So im guessing some of those steps intertwine with taking the head off. I got all the bolts loose so i should be able to just lift the cover off right?.
  6. No progress today except i decided to put the sending unit on hold and just fix the oil leak. Had to go gather firewood for the boiler, and got caught up in making beef jerky. Now the day is shot.
  7. I may have gotten hosed a little. Its been a huge project. So far ive replaced the front swingarm bearings, bolts, and shocks. Which wasnt easy cuz of how much damage had been done to the threads on the frame, not to mention that shifter being welded lol. Had it going for a bit than the rear end went out, soo, new wheel bearings, axle, and i rebuilt the breaks while i was at it. Rebuilt the choke and i got some of plastics i needed/wanted for the front being my fenders are in ok condition. I figured out why stuff was so confusing for wiring up the starter. I dont hav an oem starter solenoid. Lol i have no idea what mine is from but i got it all working good now. The great news is i kinda may have beaten it pretty hard in the snow a few days ago before i parked it and nothing went wrong. That gives me hope that ive got this thing on the run. Ps. I did what you told me and played with the sending unit. When i pulled it way up all the lights came on. So i know the wireing and the gauge itself is good, and hopefully i can clean up the sending unit with braso and a toothbrush and get that working. I think im going to do that today, i need locktight or whatever its called for the head cover aniway. Ill post pics once i get the tank off.
  8. Welcome to the site. Cool conversion, but whats really catching my eye is that little trailer.
  9. Welcome. And i must say those are some cool 4x4s
  10. Hopefully its nothing to serious or damaged. Was it making noise in gear at an idole? Moving? All the time?
  11. By the way it is the odd ball one year 87 trx350d. i chose it knowing the eletrical system was a pain but at the same time (as far as i understand) it is the only year that can run with no battery. Not saying thats what i do but if the battery dies i can still start and run the bike. I like those kinds of little perks, the emergency kind
  12. Lol thats great news, i dont have a "complete" bottom end. So my parts will all work. I just took it from the shop, go 200sx, and saw that is starting to rust a little. How can i store it better to stop that?
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