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  1. Im about maxed out on spending for parts. Ill silicone the holes on the airbox lid. And the pvc is very solid. But the last few things i want is that carb cover you have and those floorboards superman posted that replace the main skidplate, im missing that plate aniway. I also hope that if the floorboards work i can maby make some rear fenders that mount on the floorboards and attach to the rear rack
  2. Im so glad shade invited me to this fourm. It sure has helped getting advice from people that know what there doing.
  3. Update. Finally got the new oem fuel pump. After a bit of trouble i got a airbox lid. Its full of screw holes but otherwise good. How do you guys like the pvc off the carb? Lol. 2" elbows fit perfectly on the existing screen grommet on the carb. And also im restoring an old rusty tool box and attached two bungies. Got it all sanded down ready to paint. Kinda cool it easily goes on the front or rear rack along with the rack on my 200sx
  4. Im glad i asked you guys first. That was the easiest fix ive done yet. Shifting feels great now!
  5. The clutch dosnt seem to engage as much as it should. Im wondering if i can get it working better by decreasing the play. Im assuming that i need to loosen the nut then adjust the bolt. But any pointers as to how much i should adjust at a time, if i should increase or decrease play, or if this has nothing to do with the clutch and i need to stop, please let me know
  6. Is that with or without shipping? You dont live in Minnesota by chance, then i could maby just pick it up
  7. So i was reading the original add for grandmas ol 200sx and it said that it came out with optional cargo racks and optional hitch. I would like to put a hitch on but i am having difficulty. Anybody have experience with this bike? Im thinking maby there are different axle housings with mounting for a hitch but im not sure. Ps dont make fun of my bolt with like ten washers, lost the bolt and thats all i had
  8. How do you mount the floorboards and how much do you want for them? I was planning on building something like that. it looks like the one you have replaces the main skidplate, and if so, that would be a two for one for me.
  9. Cool! thanks! I get some right away
  10. I feel like i rember reading somewhere that honda had to change something to meet usa emissions standards. Maby i have a japan modle muffler
  11. Lol i couldnt even find a pic online if my style online so i steped out and took a pic myself
  12. This is the stock exaust. Im looking for a pic of mine
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