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  1. Ok leaving it be. I was having trouble breaking the other bolts loose on the diff. Aniway. Otherwise i probably would have done a total rebuild. Ill just put it back together when i get the new seal
  2. So maby one inch? Possibly 2 with a one inch spacer on the hub. BTW are thos bolt on spacers bad for the bike in any way?
  3. This is only about what the engine can handle right? Not mounting. Cuz i was wondering if i can increase the tire size without moding the bike ie, lift / spacers on my 87 foreman.
  4. Nice. thanks fishfiles. Kinda used all all the tips you gave me and got it out. Ready to slide in a new seal. But one more thing is it a bad idea to flush it out with some desiel or leave it a little goopy
  5. I did some research on lsd's and learned about 'chatter' and using the proper oil, but before i just Throw in some additive i have a bad oil seal thats been bugging me. Any tips on removal??
  6. Well thats how the foreman looked 2 days ago.. on the fixing the next thing that was bugging me
  7. The new seat cover is from my old favorite recliner we through out. I riped out the gas tank and refabed the sending unit, i got 6 out of 7 lights when full. Good enough for me. Grinded off that ugly tacked on ring that was on the front bumper and sanded and painted the front rack and bumper, replaced the grips from a vintage pettle bike and covered the battery box with some of the same leather used for the seat.
  8. Hi everybody! Hope yall have had a good summer so far! I know once i disconnected frome facebook and stoped watching the news ive felt much better. But i thought i would turn my tablet on and share some photos on here.
  9. I have extra covers with good o rings i instaled. No leaks except the decompression oil seal but its very minor. yesterday I ran a tank of gas full throttle through sloppy snow/mud then before i put it away i also dragged the indoor horse arena. After all that the fan kicked on for the first time since ive had it. Lol only for a short time, i cant believe how tough this bike is. If i had drove the Polaris big boss 800 6x6 half as hard as my foreman yesterday, it would be dead.
  10. Got real hot in here real quick. It will be ok. Testing it tomorrow.
  11. Lol one minute late. I maned up and gave it a tug and it came right off. I think im just going to send it and put it back together with the ultra copper.. if something happens later it will be the push i need for a top down overhaul. Wish me luck
  12. O mannnn.. thats what the auto store had. It says not recommended for parts in contact with gasoline but im not redoing the head, just the head cover.
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