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  1. Good idea. I'll contact them. Already a customer 😉
  2. Yup, the first one is too much $$ and is for a 2004 model. I tried to order from Partzilla, the part is NLA even tho it says 4-6 days. 😞
  3. Hey guys I'm in need of the air box duct/snorkel for my 03 rancher 350 project. It appears they are NLA from Honda. Part #9 in the pic. Please text me if you have one. 7703546987.
  4. FWIW, I figured this out. It was simply the main 30 amp fuse was good, but had corrosion on the terminals. So things were not getting full power and acting weird. After I cleaned, the fan, temp light, and the N and R lights working as expected. Most importantly I have spark now as well. Hopefully this will help someone. The electronics in these guys are very sensitive to corrosion.
  5. It looks like it might be made in China, so I'm doubtful. But it looks like many of them have been sold with some good reviews.
  6. Update here. All grounds are good, as well as all fuses and such. Battery is strong, and ignition, engine stop, meter switches and wiring all good. The CDI box failed the tests as outlined in the FSM. I believe this is the the reason for the oil light issue. During that testing, I also discovered my fan motor is no good. From a display perspective, when I unplug the shift control computer completely, the N and R and gear indicator all work as designed. I suspect that guy is no good. But it seems the N safety and gear selector switch are fine. Hopefully the CDI box replacement will fix the no spark issue.
  7. Hey everybody. I'm bringing back an 03 rancher ES back from the dead. I've properly converted the eshift to manual when I had the motor apart for top end rebuild. I also changed all the clutches. So mechanically I'm ready to rock and roll. But now that I have the harness installed and hooked up, I have several issues: 1. No spark. New plug, but I have not replaced anything else. I plan to so some testing on the various components (pulse generator, coil, cdi box, etc). 2. Oil Temp light blinks. It comes on with the ignition key and simply blinks on/off, on/off. 3. N and R lights stay lit in every gear. In actual R, the red light is bright, in other gears it is dim, but still on. Same with N light. in actual neutral the light is bright green, but is dim but lit in other gears. 4. Possibly related to 3. The gear shift on the display sort of works. I can get an R and an N and sometimes a 1, but usually I get a --- . I'm hoping when the motor is running this will be back to normal. For 3 and 4 I'll do the tests on the switches as defined in the manual. But I'm pretty stumped on the blinking oil light. Any thoughts there? Thanks in advance for any help. Before and current pic for fun:
  8. You're right. I was convinced there was a problem and there really wasn't When I picked this up the PO said it was "stuck in gear". During bench testing, I was expecting the shift pattern to be 1 down, 4 up. Like on a motorcycle. Turns out this thing shifts flawlessly as designed. Thanks you for the quick and helpful replies!
  9. I’m making progress. I opened the stator side of the case and pulled it the reverse lock out cam deal completely. I can get into every gear. I think it is slightly bent and locking me out of first.
  10. Yes sir. Every gear including reverse will click into place with ease. If I just rotate the driveshaft a touch. When I attempt first, no amount of pressure on the pedal with rotating the motor or driveshaft will get it to click into place. It goes about 1/2 way. In the photo I’ve pulled all the client and linkage out of the way. And using a ratchet on the gearshift drum. It just won’t go into the next notch.
  11. Hi guys. I’m bench testing the shifting/trans on an 03 rancher 350. I’m able to get it to shift into every gear, including reverse. But it will NOT go into first. I’m baffled. Does the engine need to be running for first only? I see zero evidence of bent or broken parts of any sort. Please help! Thanks.
  12. That's the info i needed. Thanks!! I have part of the original rack I can use to modify this one. Although the 2002- 2003 rack appears to be available, is it on a 200-210 day delay from Honda. I inquired at another seller and they verified.
  13. Hi everyone. I'm restoring a 2003 rancher 350 es 4x4. I'm in need of the front brush guard. The OEM is NLA from honda for this model year. But the 2000-2002 IS available. Can someone tell me what make its different. I can fab and weld if necessary to make it work. Thanks in advance.
  14. I hit it with a little glass cleaner. You can’t see the display unless the screen is a little wet.
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