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  1. Lol! This posting has been a constant whirlwind! I went back and read them all just to make sure I was caught up. He will have a good runner when He's done. I was dissapointed in how much I had to replace on my old 88 TRX350D after purchasing from the orriginal owner. Made me wonder what service he even had done on it over 33 years. It runs great now, but, I was getting pretty concerned when certain parts were not even available new for it anymore. No more ATV's over 20 years old from now on.
  2. He's already sourcing a replacement head so, yep, read a few posts back to get caught up. lol! I know, it sucks to read back through them when it is this long after roughly a month of dialog. But half of what you spent time writing was old news. I'm giving you some joking Mr. Moderator. 🙂
  3. just make sure you release that tensioner when you get the cam/chain installed. would be a bummer to forget. 🙂
  4. Or have a machinist install a new seat. I wish you were out here. my guy does stuff for way too cheap.
  5. aha! chain driven cam that drives pushrods. So cam isn't an overhead configuration. I missed that.
  6. good deal. I thought he had already disassembled the top end.
  7. It's your centrifugal clutch.
  8. TDC on compression stroke. both cam lobes should be pointed down and both intake and exhaust should be closed. How were you planning to check with with your top end disassembled?
  9. Aha! The 450 was the redesign when they started mounting the engines sidways. Yes, mine is an 88 TRX350D.
  10. Is his crank shot? I wouldn't split the case unless it was necessary.
  11. It's accessible from the right hand side by removing the right case cover. You don't have to split the case. At least that's how it was set up on the 350. It is recessed into the center cases in a small sump area that as I mentioned is accessible by only removing the right hand clutch cover case.
  12. I hear ya regarding the time/money/value. I purchased my 88 350D Foreman for $900, sold the snow plow for $200. So started at $700. had to replace the rockers (used and nearly impossible to find), piston/rings/gaskets, had cylinder bored out to eliminate scoring from lack of oil or overheated (that made me nervous about other engine internal damage), two new front tires, replaced all lubes, purchased a seat pan (PO made one out of metal that didn't fit quite right), new foam, new seat cover, I probably have total of $1400 including the original purchase price. It's a Honda. They run forever if you take care of them. the PO who also purchased it new didn't maintain the engine oil as well as he should have I suspect. But, the engine runs like a champ now and the suspension and drive train are super tight. It's a solid ATV now. It would be about $8k for a new equivalent. Which is still tempting but I don't need it. so...
  13. top end overhaul. not that bad. I did it to my 88 Foreman 350. Overhauling my Dad's 500UTV Hisun now.
  14. the compression new on these is 181-210psi. I think you indicated you have from 60-80psi?
  15. The numbers you posted for compression are pretty low for hot or cold. The carburetor isn't making your compression go down when the engine is hot. There is something mechanical that causes your compression to drop when hot. It's either as someone else indicated, decompression mechanism holding the exhaust valve(s) open, or scoring on your cylinder wall and piston, or some other mechanical issue with your valves. At this point, you would spend less time if you just pulled the top end off unless you are able to determine the decompression mechanism is the culprit.
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