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  1. Hey so for some reason I wrote down front diff it was the transfer case that was leaking from the vent tube. And to the other guy that posted your right it is a 90 model. When I first looked at the fluid I thought it was good but after looking at it with a flashlight it definitely has water in it so I'm sure the whole problem is that its just over full. As far as the rear end popping im going to tear it down and figure out what axle is popping it is also full of water I guess the seals finally gave out. Thank you guys for taking time out to respond to this post
  2. So Ive had this 89 fourtrax for a while now its been great but its always had a small leak i always thought it was oil coming from one of the engine gaskets but today I took out 4trax and it started steadily dripping out and i found out its fluid coming out of the front diff tube that loops up to the bottom of the gas tank, also on my way back home I noticed when I would turn sharp to the right you could hear pooping coming from what I would think is the rear axle on the left side idk if this has anything to do with the leak, but does anyone have any idea why it would be leaking like that?
  3. So I checked my voltage to my speed sensor im only getting half a volt and so I assumed I had a bad wire but I traced it all the way back up to the combination meter and only have .5 volt there is that normal or should I have 12? If its not normal that would mean the combination meter is bad correct?
  4. So I cleaned it all out and it was pretty bad but it always shifted before it just would stop shifting and its still doing g the same thing it does seem to shift smoother so I am glad that I did it
  5. Hey I forgot you mentioned that I actually haven't done that. But honestly I'm not for sure what you mean by that or how to do that. Is there like a grease fitting that your talking about and what bearing? I don't know a whole lot about 4 wheelers now on cars thats a different story.
  6. Ok that makes sense as to why I never got a code. But I unhooked the speed sensor just right now and it still dd the same thing it will shift perfect until you get over mayb 10mph then its stuck in whatever gear your in. Until you turn the key back off and on
  7. Ok so I finally got a chance to get back out to work on the 4 wheeler. I've wound up testing the wires all the way to the combination meter the wires test fine, and there is no sign of any damage. I've been reading in the manual and it seems as if it has to be between the combination meter or the speed sensor itself but since I've already changed the sensor twice and with supposed honda parts I'm leaning towards the combination meter does this sound right to you guys? I've also tried to check it for codes I can't get it to flash and I've tried the procedure where it says to do push the buttons and all that stuff. I honestly don't know what else to do, but I also don't want to waist any more money on parts so I'm hoping someone on here can tell me if I'm going in the right direction
  8. Thanks for everyone's help and input. I actually did not have the manual but I downloaded it. And it you guys are right it is very helpful. I started tracing wires but I ran out of daylight all my powers and grounds at the front of the 4 wheeler are perfect but where the sensor connects to the 4 wheeler im only getting half a volt so I'm assuming that's not right I traced the wire back to the front and was going to test it but I don't ha e any good test probes so I'll have to bring some home with me tomorrow so I can test the wire to the connector and on from there. I will keep you guys updated if yall have any other tips or thoughts I'll definitely be thankful for it
  9. I bought honda parts or at least they say they are. i bought online didn't buy the cheap stuff cuz it never works. And honestly idk why it was parked the guy I got it off of said he couldn't remember what was wrong with it he said he just never used it but when I picked it up it did have the shifter pedal on it so I'm assuming it wasn't working then. And the battery is brand new and charged
  10. So I have an 02 rancher it sat for at least 6 years i threw a new carb on it and it runs great but I cannot figure out how to get the speedometer to work it always reads 0 it shifts fine as long as I do t go faster than mayb 10mph I'm guess cuz it doesn't actually say... but then it stops shifting and will only shift if you turn the key off then back on. I've replaced the speed sensor and angle sensor and still nothing. I need help I have no idea what else to check.
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