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  1. Yea but harmless.....unless they come crawling out from your car roof lining while your driving scare the ! out of you and you crash haha. Or fall in your lap when you pull the sun visor down
  2. I just looked up snake bites here roughly 3000 bites a year but average of 2 deaths per year. Most aussie snakes have tiny fangs. Funnel webs live in holes (or your shoes) haha. We have those stone fish but we also have fresh water stone fish called bullrouts with spines on their back they chill out in rapids and will drop you like a sack of ! if you step on 1 very intense pain.
  3. Haha only crocs up the top. I havnt ridden on the rears yet. Everyone says stuff kills you here but you could go to sleep without a tent in the bush and no bears, wolves mountain loins ect are gunna get you.
  4. I think we are about 14hrs ahead im on the east coast we are GMT+11 west coast is 2 hrs behind us
  5. Australia i had a rebuild thread on the other forum when you guys were on it. I had the rusted out pos haha everyone said it was gunna snap inhalf. Currently its 820 pm Wednesday. Anyway its purring away now. The new 1 way clutch bearing can wait till i get back. Im not taking the chance of stuffing somthing thanks for the help guys 20210728_200102.mp4
  6. Got my parts today will chuck it in after dinner
  7. Ive got somthing sorted for now ill get a new 1 when i get back from shooting this weekend.
  8. Yes thats what i was assuming. As all the genuine pics of that part online show the 3 pictures. It was just the part guy from honda said it was only the single part. Probably only going off what he could see in the diagram. Part should arrive today. Nothing comes over night in australia even when you pay express post 😑 and the state it came from just came out of its 5th Lockdown last night
  9. Mate your not understanding what im saying ill just leave it at that
  10. Im talking about this part/parts Or have partzilla put the 3 components together or do they just show the 3 for the ! of it?
  11. I mean ive ordered it from honda, im assuming because the part diagram only shows the needle jet he thinks thats all there is
  12. So ive got my part ordered its $70 though , guy at honda reckons it dosnt include the needle but all the ones online come as a set with the needle and the little washer . Will be 2 days even paying express
  13. When i get this part is it easy to work out what way it goes in ect? Hopefully i can get 1 quick. Im not sure if mine got blasted across the floor or if it was gone before
  14. Roo goes ok. You can buy it in the supermarket. Its all wild shot as no farming of them. Deer we can spotlight on private property in my state and no seasons or bag limits tags ect. As they are all introduced they are basically classed as pests. But shooting any of our natives is not allowed unless you have mitigation permit.. it wont be long till they start baiting deer with 1080 here they already do chopper culls in the national parks but won't let hunters in to shoot.
  15. Ive just bought myself a 12inch 60w bar that can mount on the front rack instead. Yes i have a 100w handheld spot light for hunting at night fingers crossed pigs. But foxes, rabbits, hares and roos are usually on the list
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