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  1. Ok seems to running so far expect it pops like a backfire when I let of the gas I may have to adjust the pilot screw to work with the mr gasket fuel pump that was installed
  2. I woke up the next morning went out and tried to start it and it started right up and has been running not sure what happened can it be that there is some sort of self reset on the cdi or something
  3. The lowest I got for testing the ohms for the ignition coil at the plug for the cdi was .7 ohms the pulse generator measures within the 300 to 360 I get battery volts at the cdi plug for the stop switch the ignition coil itself measures within spec according to the book my only issue is no spark after I ran it on a new oem cdi for a few days could it be a ground issue
  4. Ok y'all I am stumped no spark issue now and I check the ignition coil primary and secondary and it checks good I check it at the co box and it measures high like as in 3.5 ohms at cdi according to the book it's suppose to be .1 or .2 ohms what could be the issue
  5. Just a quick update got the new oem cdi box and it started up and ran without holding the start button in
  6. Hey everyone I just put in the new cdi and now all it does is crank but won't start .
  7. I am at a point where I think it's the cdi does anyone have that there willing to sell or know where I can get one
  8. Thanks i will do all that tomorrow and get back to you on it
  9. I tested the start button and the run switch they tested good I also tested the plugs on the harness side of the cdi like the manual says they all tested good not sure where to go next I was thinking the fuel cut off relay cause figured if that went bad it would think it's rolled over and would not let it run been trying to get the cover off it to there is only a ground and one wire going to the battery and one going to cdi from what I see in the diagram was going to try and trick the cut off into thinking it's not rolled over to see if that is what the problem is
  10. I have the 2 red wires hooked up I ran this ATV all summer long with the aftermarket fuel pump hooked up direct and all ran good it just stopped running is there a way to bypass the fuel cutoff relay and also does that relay effect the ignition in anyway
  11. It's the 350D everything worked on it I ride it daily then it just stopped like it ran out of gas I filled the tank and now it only stays running as long as I hold the start button in the neutral light works fine the only aftermarket I put on is a Mr gasket fuel pump
  12. I have an issue with my 350D it only stays running as long as I hold the start button down I can rev it and all but can't drive it I replaced the battery and starter relay and ignition coil and still does the same thing and I have on order a cdi and pulse generator also I have an aftermarket Mr gasket fuel pump hooked up from the battery to the ignition switch can anyone give any suggestions on what it could be wrong or point me in a direction....thanks
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