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  1. dang I am so sory you meant a very different type of penetrating
  2. I caught them on sale and got 3 gallons of it
  3. Fish you gonna share that popcorn or what? oh wait never mind you probably put some kind of Cajun seasonings on it
  4. Hey I did wash the blanket after I got out of the dog house
  5. I have an extra blanket for jeep for the doghouse
  6. welcome loose marbles. try to keep them rounded up don't want you to lose any of them marbles
  7. I have bighorn 2.0's on my 300 fourtrax and I really like them.
  8. ride family lands and also go up around the ouchita mountains and ride
  9. the tables are great turbo. Fish your desk looks great also. I have no real hobbies other than riding my four wheeler or fishing. I just bought 2 new Lew's reels wife is still complaining. Bahaha gets me out of the house though
  10. went to the store today and no paper products of ANY kind and no water.
  11. LoL yeah yeah heard that story before. if we didn't like ya we wouldn't mess with ya
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