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  1. jeffo21

    honda pioneer

    Well I pulled the trigger on a 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 its fun to drive but I still like my 99 300 fourtrax
  2. jeffo21


    scooticus is correct you can't shoot .357 ammo in a .38 chambered revolver. But you can shoot .38 ammo in a .357 chambered revolver. they basically the same round except as stated the .357 round is longer.
  3. Mine is a 2001 Ford supercrew 4x4 has 270000 on it and needs paint also which I am going to be checking on soon. replaced front end not long ago. still running good and interior is in good shape so I will keep driving it.
  4. jeffo21


    I have the M&P Sport AR-15 223 cal. it is a shooting machine. I have dropped it and picked it up and squeezed the trigger and it goes boom. a lot of the officers I worked with bought the S&W AR.
  5. I saw this one listed on CL and had to put it on here.
  6. retired state law enforcement officer. now I am helping at a friends mechanic shop with the small simple stuff.
  7. jeffo21


    thinking of getting a S x S for wife and daughter. looking at the Honda 700 deluxe. I cant make up my mind to buy new or used.
  8. jeffo21


    Sounds like a good movie. have to try to find it and watch
  9. I hear Alaska you don't need an A/C unit
  10. jeffo21


    I bought a Husqvarna 4stroke weedeater a few years back and my brother came over and got mine one day and was running mixed gas through it. I ended up having to replace the carb. I couldn't get it to run wide open and he ran the mixed gas in it
  11. I have one yes I said 1 2001 F150 4x4 with 280000 on it still going strong
  12. it should shine really good with 2 coats of poly on top of that black.
  13. looks like a nice ride. But I will stick with my 99 300.
  14. go back to public hangings. these people would think twice about doing things if they knew they might get hung instead of getting sent to the state run country clubs
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