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  1. Those are the ones I was looking at and yeah, you have to buy the mounting brackets, you got a Pic of the ones you got?
  2. I just want them to keep the briar bushes from eating my hands up.
  3. I decided not to use it and drill what was already on there to see if it would work, it did.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for handguard protectors for a 2000 Honda 450? Thank you.
  5. So to update this thread, I took a 1/4" drill bit, which is sized to the hole of the speed sensor, put grease on it and drilled out the hole without taking the inner stator cover off. I cleaned the bit a few times during drilling, re-greasing it and easily drilled through. Bolted up my speed sensor and works like a champ. Just thought I would update things.
  6. Jeep, thanks for the fast reply first off. I've beat ya to it, already ordered a cover to swap out. I'm just hoping whatever drives that spindle in the speed sensor is there.
  7. I recently purchased this bike,2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES, the ES was not working as the majority was missing, handle bar controls and logic box was fried back to the relay, so I bought everything new from Partszilla and got it all working, only to find out the speed sensor was missing and thus causing it to hang up in the gear it's in. You have to stop, shut it off and cut back on to shift into neutral to start. I bought the correct sensor, only to find out that the hole is not machined open in the bottom, which leads me to believe I have a 2003-4 motor on it and that is been swapped out. My question is, if I drill this hole out, is the gear spindle that's going to be in behind this, will it have the correct slot that in which my 2000 model style of speed sensor slides into to make it work? Does anyone know? Thanks for any input. I have the rear connector up under the right fender, somebody has swapped the motor on it. I have figured out Honda made this change on the sensor to the front dif in 2002, so I'm thinking this motor is a '02 or '03. Anyways if I'm wrong someone can correct me, thanks again.
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    New member here saying hello for the first time, Hello everyone!
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