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Rubicon 500 Oil Pressure Tester Adapters!

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(Originally posted in general discussion but felt it would be better suited here!)
Hey would anyone be interested in buying an oil pressure adapter to be able to test the oil pressure on their Honda Rubicons? (May work on others but not sure)
I made one to test mine after finding the OEM Honda adapter costs over $65 after shipping and tax, and is weeks out. Took a bit of searching and trial and error to come up with a good solution, and it works great. Mine would be $30 shipped, and would have them readily available. The best part is mine can be used with a cheap Harbor Freight gauge, or any oil pressure gauge you may have.
Those with early Rubicons know there were issues with the oil pumps, and it’s really important to verify correct oil pressure to prevent a very expensive Hondamatic failure, or rule out a good / bad pump when diagnosing an issue.
Willing to make more for forum members if there is interest.
Thanks guys!




adapter screenchot.jpg

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