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TRX300FW Fourtrax - Cheap Jerry Can Holder build

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Repost from my old thread on old site.


Hey guys,
So in preparation of taking my ATV off-road camping (still trying to find some good trails) I wanted to mount some water and fuel cans to my ATV.


I know that those Rotopax and other products exist, but my issue was that they are very expensive and take up storage rack space (if you don't buy the additional extra mounting options things).
So i came up with something SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, so here it is!


total at end in "($XX)"
- 2x "HFS R Gas Can Holder" ($58)
- 1x Scepter 5 Gallon ECO Jerry Can ($35)
- 1x Scepter 5 Gallon Water Container ($8)
- 2x Mini-Carabiner clips (free)
- 1x Spare sticky foam (free)
- 2x Handle Velcro anti jiggle straps (hand sewn, Free)
- 4x 1/4" x 3/4" U bolt (top bar, $3.50)
- 4x 1/4" x 1 1/8" U bolt (Bottom Bar, $3.50)

-total $107 after tax & shipping


What I did:
- The gas can holders requires modification. I had to cut off the bottom riser bracket, and then cut the unit in half, and weld on an extra 1/4-1/2" (eyeballed it) extension (made from the bracket steel i cut off) to make it wider for the gas cans (the Specter ones have a slightly wider bottom than official military Jerry cans).
- Drill new 1/4" holes on the Jerry can holders so that i can mount them on the rear storage wrack, using the top and bottom bar of the rear rack.
- Mount the gas cans to the rack using the U bolts and used blue thread locker on the nuts + crush washers.
- Power wash the thing (remove overflow thread locker) and then painted over it.


Why I did it this way:
- it was SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER than buying the roropax option for a of-rack mounting option with cans ($107 VS. $350+)
- Universal and uses hardware store parts.
- I can also mount lighter 2.5 Gal cans in there also.
- Wanted all my rear/front storage rack space
- Does not block my rear light, or impede with opening the rear storage case.



Hope it helps or gives others ideas! 🙂

Acknowledgements from old thread:
1) yes this affects center of gravity, however, not enough to warrant concern under "normal" trail riding situations. Unless your going at extreme inclines, stability does not seem to be affected in that major of a way. Drive smart. 
2) The rear rack is rated for 133LB of weight. Yes, it is off-center i suppose, but given people put 250lb of human weight on those when popping wheelers, or mudding/snorkeling to keep the nose up, i do noy see a major failure issue. 












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1 hour ago, Wheeler said:


Great home made one! 

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