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hitch receiver

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picked this up from a salvage yard, pick-n-pull, you take you're own tools, pull you're own parts, this is how i messed up my hand, smacking on the wrench with an open palm, this will never happen again, that is why i bought my new dewalt, 1/2 drive impact driver !. anyway, spent 3 hrs removing it from a silverado, had to re-weld the plug bracket back on it, grind some rust, got it all cleaned up, painted it, just got done installing it on my sisters '04 extended cab, 2wd silverado, all bolts lined up, plug worked without taking to dealer to program it. cost for receiver ?..$ 33.00 bucks !.





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58 minutes ago, Wheeler said:

Excellent score!

thanks !. this is the very same hitch i have on my '00 silverado. with wdh, it is rated to pull 12k lbs.

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