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2001 Hondamatic Replacement

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I just had the bearings go out on my 2001 Rubicon Hondamatic.  I am looking for someone in Minnesota that would be able to repair the transmission.  I have seen a couple posts about Brian Bertram as being someone who still does transmission repairs.  I am curious if he only does exchanges or would be willing to do the removal and replacement.  I am not sure how to contact Brian, so any info on how to reach him would be great.  Thank you.

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we haven't seen him active in a while, but might try to PM him, paged him for you @Brian Bertram 




you can PM him from his profile link ^^^^^ you might check this post out for more contact information https://atvhonda.com/topic/216-early-rubicon-transmission-failures/?tab=comments#comment-43800



welcome to the forums. 


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