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Mr. Brian

2009 Foreman 500, Hard to steer

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I was wondering if I could take a high pressure needle fitting and get some grease into the rubber bushings and the like. It's gotten pretty difficult difficult to steer. Even worse in tight spots or backing up a trailer.

All I could find for power steering was a used actuator on Ebay and I would need to replace the shaft from the handles bars to the actuator.

I feel ifI could get some lithoum grease in the rubber bushings it might help.

Anyone have any other ideas that may be better??? Funding is is tight.

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Take the lower arm off the bottom ball joint, use a grease needle to shoot grease up under the boot, wiggle ball joint stud around to get the grease distributed.


Same with upper ball joints, and also tie rod ends.


If it’s still stiff you might have to remove the front fender and grease the steering shaft bushing and check the steering shaft bearing.


I’ll be greasing up some 300 stuff in the morning, will take pics.

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