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  1. I was wondering if I could take a high pressure needle fitting and get some grease into the rubber bushings and the like. It's gotten pretty difficult difficult to steer. Even worse in tight spots or backing up a trailer. All I could find for power steering was a used actuator on Ebay and I would need to replace the shaft from the handles bars to the actuator. I feel ifI could get some lithoum grease in the rubber bushings it might help. Anyone have any other ideas that may be better??? Funding is is tight.
  2. So Medicare and Tricare agreed and I was given a Smartvest. This is a vest, hookes to a compressor that "Thumps" my chest from ALL directions to knock the gunk and phlegm loose so I can breath better. This thing WORKS!!! 15 minutes twice a day and then spit gunk out for another 15 minutes to 2 or 3 hours. Depends how deep it is. Check out the video. Take it to your Dr an tell him to prescribe it. Insurance covers it for Brochiectasis. You WANT them to cover it. The cost os $16,000 without insurance. received_397055678601704.mp4
  3. And this years Candidates for the grill, rotisssery, big hole full of coals, smoke sausage, pan sausage, chops, steaks, loin roasts and more. Only one big boar in the bunch (I think) therest are ALL groceries...😜😋😜🤣
  4. And this years Candidates for the grill, rotisssery, big hole full of coals, smoke sausage, pan sausage, chops, steaks, loin roasts and more. Only one big boar in the bunch (I think) therest are ALL groceries...😜😋😜🤣
  5. Took my Foreman 500 ES out to bring a couple 55 gallon drums of corn out to the hog trap. Got about 1/2 mile in and saw smoke voming from between my legs. The power cable for my winch came loose and layed on the exhaust. EVERYTHING electric quit even the motor. After fiddling around and discovering that the motor would start with the rope and I could get it into first gear by hand, I was able to get the corn out to the trap and head back the mile or so ride to the truck in 1st gear. Got home and checked it out. Only real damage beyond the power lead for the winch was the battery. Can't help but feel lucky today.
  6. Wilson asked to see some pictures of the wild hogs we have around here. Here you go Wilson.
  7. Mr. Brian


    Not alot of bears in my neck of the woods. BUT, we do have alot of hogs and some gators. Modern self defense rounds are pretty limited in knockdown. This is due to the desire to keep rounds from going through walls. Unless a controlled expansion bullet and custom loaded for heavy game you MAY fin them a bit light for bear. Did you know that in most cases even CAT IV Body Armor will not stop a 22 magnum. they are not really given the credit they deserve. I kill wild hogs regularly with my 22 magnum on out to 50 - 75 yards. This is dependent on shot placement of course. I am pleased with my Springfield handling and consistency. My 40 cal is VERY impressive and easily concealed, especially this time year when it's colder.
  8. Mr. Brian


    I have a few. Concealed carry depends on my mood. I have a Springfield Arms XD-9 sub-compact, a Taurus 40 Cal slim, a Keltek PMR-30 in 22 mag. I really enjoy carrying it. Very light weight and holds 30 rounds in the mag. Long guns, I have a few more. 30-06, 270, 243, 22-250, 223, 22 mag and 22 LR. A 12 and a 20 gauge shot gun. As well as an 1860 Enfield 577 caliber muzzle loader and a 50 cal Optima muzzle loader. Xross bow and 5 or 6 long bows, most custom made
  9. The rain today gave me a day off from the woods. Going to go to Tractor Supply later and pick up a winch. They have a sale right now on a 3500 lb. for $79. Regular $149 I'll get a mount for my buggy or make one after I get the winch. These last couple days ha ve reminded me I ain't 40 years old no more. The winch is now a MUST.
  10. That dawned on me while laying in bed...LOL Got up and cleared the codes. no more have come back and we ran it alot yesterday. The front wheels were spinning nicely when we stuck so bad we had to get the tractor to pull me out....LOL
  11. I probably should ride it more. Weather too hot or cold keeps me indoors alot.
  12. How do you clear the codes from the system?
  13. I get that when I try and use my phone to type, THANKS. I repaired the wire to the 4WD switch and it works like a champ. probably need to clear the codes now. The "N" no longer flashes but the 4WD light flashes once the 5 times but it appears everything is working fine.
  14. I have a couple off brand Go Pro, just don't know how to use them
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