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2005 Honda Foreman ES

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Let me apologize in advance for adding my issues in another topic. If I can erase it then let me know and I shall delete. So to start off on what has been replaced on this machine:

1. New Battery (of course)

2. New Starter

3. New Solenoid

4. New Carburetor (not OEM)

5. Rear Brake rebuild (to include cables)

6. Fuel sender, petcock

7. Meter 

8. Spark Arrester


Now for the fun issue that I am having. The meter keeps flashing a code 13 which by the book states a TPS. I've watched a guy talking about clocking the sensor after he had replaced a carb as well. Now I don't know if he had the OEM or and aftermarket. When I picked this ATV up from a lady, it was stolen by some local kids and stripped. So I said that I would see what I can do to get it going again and try to put all the plastics on the correct way. This ATV has been very much abused from having the incorrect tire size which damaged the front end and hitting the exhaust as well.  I don't claim to be a ATV technician. I do work on small engines (homeowners lawncare stuff). Any help on what I can do at my end or do I bite the bullet and get the OEM in hopes that it works and finally shifts and stop flashing the code. I had purchased a probe kit incase I need to follow the service manual and check the circuits for any bad readings. 

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Not a problem on your other post.  It just makes it confusing sometimes as to who is replying to whom.  We all tend to get off topic here lol.


So, on your TPS you'll need a voltmeter, and you'll measure ohms on that TPS when it is a different throttle positions.  This is info that is found on page 22-17 in the factory service manual, which is a free PDF download in the toolbar at the top of the forum.


My 06 threw a TPS code that gave me fits.  I followed the instructions in the FSM and the TPS ohm'ed out as good, which then points to a bad ECU (computer).  I replaced the computer, and still got the TPS code.  Put the old computer back on, and the code went away.  Apparently I wasn't getting a good connection on the little pins on the ECU plug, and removing and reinstalling the plug a couple of times must have finally allowed a good connection, as the code has not come back since.


The aftermarket carb could definitely cause issues here, but first thing I'd do is get a voltmeter and check that TPS and see if it's in spec with the numbers in the factory service manual.


I have several of the 05-11 Foremans, and almost always have a rebuild/project on deck.  Post pics so we can see what we're dealing with. 


I'd be happy to take pics showing how fenders go together if you need help with that.

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