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1998 Honda foreman 450 s 4x4

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Need help !!! 1998 Honda foreman S 450 

clutchless manual shift,

light stuck in reverse


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Welcome Markz, sure a bunch of early model 450's around here.  You have a rare issue with your manual shift problem, seems almost all problems brought here are with the ES 450's.  I'm sure you will get some helpful advice soon, lots of knowledge here about these models.    

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So, just to double check - it is not in reverse gear and it is just the light that is on?

If that is the case, then you have an issue with your gear position switch.

I have seen it quite a bit sometimes, you can pull it out and fool with it.clean it a bit most times you have to replace.

For now, you can unplug it and see if light goes away (pretty sure it will) then you can test the output of the switch

as per manual to test it (you can also jump harness side to put it in N if you need to start it)

(Also have you recently had the alternator cover off? -If so you might have the pin on the switch misaligned on assembly)

Let us know what you find out

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