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2002 honda 450 shifting issues, looking for recommendations

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Hi, I have a early 2000's honda 450 electric shift ATV.

It was my dads who passed away. I was using it to get some firewood from the bush, but the electric shifting was sketchy(sometimes didnt work, but i just used the manual shifter for 1st/2nd gears), and eventually the manual shifter jammed right up so it was stuck in neutral.

I couldn't get it unjammed, moving tires, light hammer to the case and elec shift motor, so i pulled it apart. As soon as i unbolted the shift motor, i could hear the shift mechanism release itself. But i removed the clutch cover anyways to see if there was an issue.

Here's the thing, there is nothing super obvious wrong, nothin bent, nothing stripped. Its possible the motor is tight? Not sure how hard it should be to turn, but by hand you cant spin the gear attached to it, but if using pliers you can turn the shaft easily.

Before i just re-assemble, I am looking for recommendations if there's a kit, or something that would be recommended to be changed?

My theory is maybe the shift motor seized, and caused it to jam, and when the motor was disturbed it released itself.

What do you guys think? Could one of the clutches be all messed? Or should i just buy a new shift motor and give that a go?

Also, i found this piece at the bottom of the case, any idea what its from? It looks like one side is broke(the far side, compared to the closer side)


And just a pic of it all pulled apart 


honda part.jpg

honda gear box.jpg

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i'm not much for pieces falling apart ( once they do ), but that one piece looks like it may have came from the electric shift motor brush ?, don't qoute me on this !..lol. i tend to stay away from any electric shift motor atv, as i have found out, they are more trouble than what they are worth in my book. a few things i can tell you about them when they don't shift i do know !. one: the angle sensor is ( or was ) one of the big down falls. second: the shifting shaft is a weak link to the shift drum. last but not least, the ecu/c.d.i. has been known to cause problems on electric shifts..but not many.

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@steve6 that piece you found looks like the end of the cam chain tensioner/adjuster. I'm sure your back together by now so inspecting that isn't going to be easy.

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