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2003 Rancher 350 FE

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Hey I’m looking to send my 2003 350 Rancher FE display to AKATV. Sounds like he’s the guru. And looking at the posts he’s been doing it for a long time! 

Everything works on mine but the internal display has the classic dark circle on it. Can’t read it during the day.

AKATV Heeeeeeeelp!!! 🙂

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Hi JJJ welcome to the forum!

I can get you taken care of no problem

I will send my contact information to you as well


If you donate $5.00 to the forum using the link on the homepage or below, I will take 10.00 off your repair

It is not mandatory, but it helps to cover forum expenses and fund a great, free forum that helps out a lot of members.




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22 hours ago, [email protected] said:

AKATV  i have a  04 Honda 450 ES and need the speed odometer  its hard to see send me the contact info please 



I sent contact information to your message box


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