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08 500 Foreman footshift stuck in gear

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Yesterday the town handyman caught me as we were getting home from church.  Had an 08 Foreman 500 that is stuck in 4th gear.  My guess it will be a bolt backed out or other issue with the shift linkage under the front cover where the shift shaft comes through.  The shift lever will move like it wants to upshift to 5th, but doesn't shift.  Is rock hard if you try to downshift.  No movement there at all.


Anyhow, told him I wasn't sure when I would be able to look at it, but he left it with me.  When I dig into it I'll post what I find.


The weird thing is the 4 on the gear position display is blinking.  I figured with it being a footshift that if something mechanical broke up front it wouldn't shift, but was surprised that the display also shows something isn't right.


Anyone seen this before on the 05-11 500's? 

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Got this one knocked out yesterday.


Stood it up, took the front cover off, and as expected, found the shift linkage bolt had backed out of the shift drum.


Had to rob the little pin that holds the star wheel in place and the little round plate off of my 06 engine I have partially torn down in the shop (the little tab was broken off of his plate).


I did have trouble getting my 3 jaw puller to stay on the centrifugal clutch.  Had to get a couple of large hose clamps (I used the ones that hold the solenoid pack to the motor on my old Warn 8274 winches) to hold the jaws of the puller to the clutch drum.


Knocked the clutch adjuster screw loose while I had it all apart. 


Reassembled (with loctite on the bolt this time!), adjusted clutch, and it was ready to go again.


The flashing dash was code 13, throttle position sensor.  I unplugged it, shot some cleaner down in the plug, and reconnected it and the error code went away.


Charged the guy $160, which was for 3 hours of labor (probably closer to 4 by the time I got all the plastics back on) and $10 for parts, which was what a replacement pin, plate, and oil filter will cost me to replace (I replaced the oil filter as I soaked the front cover in my parts washer for a while)



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