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Valve Seat Cutting

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Ive lapped the valves for a VERY long time and i still have very poor contact between valves and seats.
I think the seats need to be cut.
No light comes through but i didnt do a leak down test on it yet as i dont have the time after work to assemble some makeshift means to do so.

The manual has 6 different cutters required, 2 sizes of each- 32 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees, with a 5.5mm shaft.

I can find nowhere that sells the required sized cutters so I'm stuck asking you guys:

What tool kit do you guys use to cut your valve seats? or do yall just simply outsource it to a machine shop and they do the typical 30/45/70 that most places do without referring to the manufacturer spec.

Does it make much of a difference if the cutter is a couple mm to big? if i recall correctly its 32 mm intake and 35mm exhaust. 32 degrees is a very odd angle and ive never seen an engine with such a valve seat angle. 

the closest i can find is this:



and even thats not the correct kit for the trx500... its just "Close" but the sizes are slightly wrong and it doesnt have a 32 degree.



....it should not take 2 hours of lapping to be left with a patchy surface after being blued...

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Did you try a rechargeable drill on the valve stem and coarse grinding compound ---- then pour gasoline into the intake and exhaust ports to check for leaks 



G+H ATV will work that head for you , they will do whatever it needs :





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I am in fort mcmurray, alberta. it would likely be VERY expensive to send the head down to them 😞 our government has made accomplishing pretty much anything extremely costly.

I did not try that yet, I'm not sure if my compound is coarse... it could be fine, it doesn't say on the tub.

Ill give that a shot though on my next days off.

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I have Clover grinding paste , comes two grits in two cans , course on one side and fine on the other 



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