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1 arm chic

02 Foreman 450 Bye Bye maybe?

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Hey Y’all who’s ready for Fall weather?


Finally got my 02 Foreman 450 S  carburetor all lined out & running good but the front end was next on my list since my steering was tight+ way to loose at the same time where the handle bar was being yanked out of my hand from the smallest thing. That’s not the best way to ride when I only have 1 Arm 🤪🤪


Ran across 1 ! of a deal (maybe) I’ve been Test Driving a 2016 Rubicon 500 FM7 Deluxe. Wow that a HUGE difference & I’m kinda of intimidated of it. Going from a “plain jane” 4-wheeler to a upgrades feels like going from a 1980’s Pinto car to 22 Range Rover P530.


I do like IRS rear ended except for it feeling  wobbly & bouncing, I swear sometimes there’s a spring under my ! 🤪 I don’t know if I’m just not use to it or maybe the shocks are shot.


Who else has/had or risen 1 of the newer Rubicons? 

What is y’all’s opinions on them? 

Have any tips, tricks Do’s & Don’t’s 


Are they any problems that are extremely common on them that I should be aware of? 

What about Axels? Do they get ate up fast? I had to replace the Right Front Axel I heard it popping but I rode it for a bit anyways. I’m hearing popping again but can’t tell if it’s the back 1 or the front again. I can’t Go Go Gadget my ear close enough 


Sorry for the extra long post! I will gratefully appreciate any info or feed back y’all wanna throw at me. It will help me making my finale discussion on if I’m gonna keep the 2016.     THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!! 🤪🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️



He (original owner of 2016) knows I only have 1Arm so he wants me to make sure I’m comfortable riding it 1st! Heck I’ve “had” it for almost 2 months already  That something only the riding community would do 

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 You'll like the power steering especially on rough trails. The suspension is usually pretty stiff on these models but IRS is a different ride and you get use to it the more time you spend on it. If it has a lot of miles on it or carried heavy loads on the racks the rear sway bar might have some play giving it a different feeling as well. Axles aren't really a huge issue but the stiff plastic boots they use makes it hard to find even the smallest hole in them (you about have to see the grease residue). Because of that it's easy to get moisture in them and ruin an axle before you even know you have an issue. Replacement boots (I like the all balls brand) and most aftermarket axles have the rubber boots that you can squeeze and hear the air come out with a small hole in it. All in all they are a good machine and dependable.

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