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F250 guy

Spark plug warning.

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I'm writing this to politely inform all the new folks that may be thinking of trying the E3 spark plugs, don't unless you have a lawn mower. Their not worth the money you'd spend to install them, I tried one years back and my idle was wonky, along with not much giddy up, their a heat range colder, if your expecting install n go no not on a carb bike.


Please stick to what the manufacturer put in, they spend millions on R&D they know, if you want to upgrade from copper plugs go iridium IX. You'll be much happier with iridium, if I had to guess probably 8 years ago I put the DPR8EIX9 in and I couldn't be happier. Still looks like new. You'll save big in the long run, satisfaction in knowing your machine is happy.

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