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08 Foreman 500 Display

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Welcome aboard.  He might be able to fix the fading, but might not.


Normally the damage we see on meters is from the sun cooking the polarizing film over the meter, so it gets a burnt look.  He can replace that film, leaving the screen looking new, but the problem with the 05-11 Foremans, 05-14 Rubicons, and Rincons is that they have imprinting on the meter (the loop with "MPH" on it, the line at the bottom with "mile" above it) so if he replaces the polarizing film, it removes that imprinting on the meter, so it would no longer show those things.


I've wondered if a clear overlay with imprinting would work (like you see on appliances when you buy them new, which have a clear peel off sticker on them to make it look like something is on the screen) on these newer meters.  I have several with the meter like you pictured, including a couple that are burned, and as these machines age, the number of meters going South will continue to grow.


@AKATV will be along shortly.

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the delay-its been a busy day...

Yep, just what Jeep said above, I dont really work on the 500 meters much as I cannot reproduce the front overlay (yet) .. lol

If you could, post a picture with meter turned off so I can see what overlay markings remain


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