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01 450es Shift Linkage Work - Now Wont Shift.

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I recently took my crank case cover off because I thought my shift linkage bolt was loose. The bike would only shift R, N, 1 - -, - -, - -, 5. 

I went in and made sure the bolt was secure, and it was. I replaced the gasket and put the crank case cover back on. 

Now it will only shift R, N. Even when I manually shift it. 

Any idea what I could have done to cause this?





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You’ll have to pull the front cover back off and take some pictures of the shift linkage. Could be something broken, could be something in the transmission itself 

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So I noticed that the tab on the shift plate guide was slightly bent prior to posting this. After a few more shifts the bike stopped shifting completely. I undid the bolt from the linkage and discovered that the tab on the shift plate guide had now been sheared off. How vital is the tab on the plate for completing a shift? 

I ordered a new one for replacement, as this is the only thing I can find wrong with the shift linkage. 




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