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Rincon problems (I hate working on Rincons)

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My buddy's 06 is back at the house.  He's the only one of us with a Rincon, but he's beat it to death and it just keeps going.


He's been using it in ESP mode for a few months.  Auto won't shift anymore, and he knew it would be spring before I'd be able to get to it. 


We went on a ride saturday, and not only does auto mode not work, but 4wd doesn't either.  Light is on solid, so guessing that's stripped splines on the front driveline.  Got to pull the front diff and look at the driveshaft.


On the auto mode, I'm leaning towards a speed sensor, but that's what I thought on the DCT rancher I have that isn't quite shifting right in auto, and new speed sensors didn't fix that one.  Anything on a  Rincon other than speed sensors that would cause a no shift in auto mode?


On a bright note, I'm going to "borrow" the ECU and throttle body assembly off his kid's Rancher and see if either of those fix the wife's DCT.  If not, I'll sell it like it is.  At least we have other like machines to test parts on for the machines I have. 


This single Rincon is the only one I know of around here.   Lots of power, rides great on the trails, but a PITA to work on.

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Good ole Rincons 😛
I did find a similar issue with my buddies 400AT, would only work in Auto, it ended up being the connectors in the front under the 'hood'(dirty). Could be, just another spot to check.🤔

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