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New trail in a familiar area

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Went for a short afternoon ride in an area we've ridden multiple times, only about 16 miles round trip, not sure how we've missed this particular trail/road bu got to see some new country. Part of it I guess is the forest service doesn't do the greatest job in keeping trails marked when a sign gets damaged or stolen. Kind of frustrating, I've made numerous trail number signs and taken a cordless drill along to replace missing signs.

We found several trails today that are just getting trashed from the Side x Sides  being allowed on the trails. Even though they are 50" machines it seems to be a different mentality of those driving them. They seem to think it needs to be a race to get to the top of the mountain, hammering the throttle through the switchbacks tearing the trail to shreds. 

The trail we found was not the smoothest that's for sure, quite rocky in fact but through an area that gave us some views we hadn't seen before.  Even discovered a little lake, had a few folks trying their hand at fly fishing, was too windy and weren't having a lot of success. Had a picnic dinner along the trail then headed for home. Was a nice time, we are supposed to get hammered with rain starting tomorrow.  Possibly 3 inches worth on Monday.  Certainly putting a damper on the long weekend,  but pretty common for us this time of year. If you notice,  the same rock wall is in the background,  we just kept getting higher and higher.

Wish to could've been with us Prov!!!!











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 A few more,  2nd to last pic shows a view that over looks the valley we live in, pretty  cool perspective. 20230902_164339.jpg




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