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02 trx450fm INOP spedo/meter unit

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I've recently purchased a 2002 Honda Foreman 450 S and have been slowly repairing the unit back to functional! Currently the unit's spedo/meter unit doesn't have any backlight and the front plastic is cracked! I haven't removed it from the unit as I just got it running and driving flawlessly the other week and it's been a blast to run around on! 

Any information on if that's repairable or should I just Splurge and Buy the new unit for 250 on partszilla? 


Also, are these quads known to be a little twitchy at like ~30MPH? Mine seems to be very unstable to the point where a small bump in the road causes the unit to veer one way or the other at those speeds. 


Thanks in advance for the information! 

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(I replied to your private message that you sent me as well )

Sounds like if you have a crack your top cover, its most likely full of water and your circuit card is shot

Not 100% sure on the 450S model meter, but I think what you’re going to find with Partzilla and similar, is they’re going to tell you that it’s on (perpetual) backorder

I’ve had some customers wait between 6 and 18 months for them to finally just say it it’s not coming in and has been discontinued, even though they show as backordered etc

I’ve included a screenshot from Partzilla showing the backorder on your part has an estimated ship date of 200 +days

That’s been primarily the case on the electronic shift meters

I’ve had a few customers find a 450S foot shift meters but it’s been a few years and they’re really getting harder to find now

As far as being twitchy at a higher speeds, you might want to check your alignment on your front end

You can download a free service manual from our library and check the toe in / toe out for your front end and adjust your tie rods accordingly

Let us know what you find when you take that top cover off that speedometer

My  money is on it having been full of water, and terribly corroded

Good luck





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